The beginning …

Given we are at the last day of 2006, I will be predictable and start with my:

Best tv of 2006The New Adventures of Old Christine and Daybreak

My 2007 resolutions: To write!

Worst of 2006: Very hard — This is supposed to be a bit “lighter” but would have to say that one of the worst is the millions that died last year of hunger, AIDS and genocide while Americans are still more concerned about acquiring more stuff (okay I will get off of my soapbox now since I am just as guilty as any).

Most shocking 2006: Execution of Saddam Hussein (notice I didn’t say anything about Britney Spears which would be much lighter)

Trying to write the “best of” I guess is like writing an acceptance for the Academy Awards –no matter how hard you try you will always leave someone important out. Since my list was short and pathetic I promise not to present it on tv tonight and you won’t see it in any magazine (not that you were worried).