My magical mirror

I recently bought a magnifying mirror. You know, the kind that makes even your slightest creases look like the side of an elephant.  It was a long overdue purchase. It’s rather scary the things I see now. I can only use it in the morning, because if I look at it before I go to bed, I have nightmares. Anyway, the other morning I was looking in my magical mirror and knew I had to make a decision. My eyebrows had to be plucked or braided.

I decided to go for the plucking — much to the relief of my husband. There were hairs in places I didn’t know could grow hair. I focused intently and starting yanking. Hairs were flying everywhere and I was having a hard time stopping. Finally, I paused to inspect my work. To my horror, most of my left eyebrow was in the bathroom sink.  I thought about plucking the right side to match but was afraid I might make it even worse than the left side. I decided that I would simply keep my hand on the left side of my forehead as if deep in thought. I was hoping people would think I was the intelligent, contemplative type. Instead, they think I have a headache and offer me Tylenol. Today I’ll wear a mask — masquerade style –and maybe peole will think I’m mysterious or eccentric. Do you think it will get in the way at my dentist appointment?


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