God is at the beach

Yesterday my kids and I were at the marina. We had just eaten lunch and were enjoying the view of the bay. Why is it that as soon as I see the water and feel the breeze coming off of the ocean my spirit is instantly calmed? I am transformed. I am at peace. I am a little girl again discovering the mesmerizing beauty of the sea.

Ever since I was a little child I’ve felt a strong connection with the ocean. I have such tender memories of my mom taking us kids to the beach. She would pack a lunch of salami and Monterey Jack cheese sandwiches, chips, cream soda and a Hostess Rasberry Zinger for dessert. A Rasberry Zinger only tastes right if you eat it on the beach with grubby hands so you get a bit of crunch with each bite.

My children know the ocean is an extraordinary place. They have this same connection. I see it in their eyes. The beach is where troubles seem to melt away. It’s like the ocean carries them with each gale.  As if the Creator of the Universe is whispering down, “It’s okay. I am here. The gentle breeze, the soaring tide, the laughing seagulls and soothing aroma are all a reminder that I love you.”

El mar. La mar.
El mar. ¡Sólo la mar!

   ¿Por qué me trajiste, padre,
a la ciudad?

   ¿Por qué me desenterraste
del mar?

   En sueños, la marejada
me tira del corazón.
Se lo quisiera llevar.

   Padre, ¿por qué me trajiste

Rafael Alberti


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