SAHM, Inc.

If I love my kids so much why is my favorite part of the day when they are asleep? I guess it is because I am a bit selfish or human. I relish the time to catch up on information through the internet, books, magazines, or email my friends. You know, things adults do. I enjoy the fun times with my kids, but I get tired of the fact that they are kids! I have to remind myself that they will grow up so fast and to enjoy the time with them now. Sometimes it’s just frustrating breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, dealing with whining, and that’s just my husband!

Actually, my husband is wonderful. I always tell him that he’s a better mommy than I am. I think because he is more introverted he doesn’t feel isolated being at home. I, on the other hand, have moments when I would like to talk to someone about something other than Vikings and Princesses. He also plays with them. I am not good at playing. I like to read to them, but playing isn’t one of my strong points.

Stay-at-home-mom sometimes feels like “Stay at Home, Mother!” I know this sounds horrible, but I feel like I am sentenced to home at times. I think I realize this most when I meet new people who work outside the home. They get this glazed look in their eyes when I tell them what I do. It is like they are trying so hard to come up with a good question about my work. For example, “Oh, yeah, diapers can get pretty messy this time of year, huh?” I want to say, “I work for SAHM, Inc. I am the CEO in charge of organizational growth and personal development. The organizational growth was a focus in the early years, but we are at a good size now. My job primarily focuses on personal development and training now.”

I could tell them that I am a freelance writer, but then they are going to ask me what I write and ask for all those published articles. Okay, they probably won’t, however, it would probably help to have a good answer. I could say that I write about 8-track players for 70’s Electronics magazine. Now that would take the glazed look out of their eyes! (By the way, I made that magazine up; please don’t try to find it although I know it sounds interesting. Plus, I don’t know anything about 8-tracks except for the one I borrowed from my brother when I listened to his Donny and Marie Osmond tape.)

I read an article the other day at web md concerning working moms and their health. A study was done in May of 2006 at the University College London which found that working moms were “thinner and healthier as they approached midlife than long-term stay-at-home-moms”. I think this is the isolation thing I mentioned previously. The article said that the “research doesn’t address why working moms tend to be healthier…But it may be that being able to participate fully in society, both in and outside the home is important for health.” I understand what they are saying. I have to make it a point to connect with the outside world, or I get a little dippy and end up stuffing my face with ice cream and donuts.

However, the study also “suggested that the stresses associated with holding down a job while raising small children take their toll on women’s health.” So, I guess there is no winning. I am destined to either be overweight or sickly. Oh well. They will grow up soon and I will be wishing they were little again and cuddling  in my arms.
Carpe Diem


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  1. Dlight
    Jan 10, 2007 @ 15:04:44

    And what is wrong with Donny and Marie in the same library as Boston, Ted Nugent and Olivia Newton John?????

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