Out of the mind of babes

The other day I was in the car with my kids and I was wondering what they were thinking – – especially, my 17 month old. What was he thinking? I seem to always have something running through my head — too much. Is it because I’m a woman? But what would a 17 month old boy be thinking about for a 15 minute drive? Before you talk do you think in words? I mean he says some words – “no” “dad” “mom” “ball” “thank you” –etc. But does he think those words all the time? How do you think in images? Does he look out the window and think, “Tree”? “Car”? Or is it “La, da, la, da, ball, dad, mom, la, la, la”? But maybe I am not giving him enough credit. Perhaps he is thinking about the dangers of cloning or solutions to illegal immigration.

When my husband and I were dating, I would ask him what he was thinking. He would usually say, “Oh, nothing”. I thought “No, you have to be thinking of something.” I always have something going through my head. Now after 15 years of marriage, I know when he says “nothing” it probably is nothing. When he is driving the car he is probably thinking about driving the car. When I am driving the car, I am thinking about 5,000 other things. How the kids are doing in school, what I am going to make for dinner, the latest book I am reading, how my mom is doing, etc. My mind is filled with a horde of different thoughts.

My five year old little girl will be silent for quite awhile and then she comes up with seemingly random thoughts like “Pink is not my favorite color. I like turquoise blue.” I wonder if she was thinking about colors for 15 minutes. I guess this is the beginning of thinking about the colors she will use to decorate her house. She definitely has an eye for details.

When my nine year old son was five, he was rarely quiet. Everything in life seemed to generate a question. “Why are there so many different kinds of trees?” “Why can’t we jump on clouds?” “Which is better, a house made out of wood or bricks?” Now he thinks he has the solution to everything. He decided the other day that he wanted to go to the junkyard to buy parts so he can build himself a car. I said that is great that you want to recycle, but you might want to know something about cars. He said “How hard can it be?” Yep, he’ll be a man soon — directions? Who needs directions?

I guess I won’t know what my youngest is thinking until he talks. He was trying to get the magnet ABC’s off of the refrigerator the other day. I grabbed one from him as he put it in his mouth. Now I wonder if he was going to spell something out on the refrigerator – maybe his solution to ending Global Warming.


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