Broadcasters laugh at water intoxication

You have probably have heard about a mother of three who died from water intoxication in Sacramento, CA. She had entered a contest put on by KDND 107.9 radio station hoping to win a Nintendo Wii game consol for her children. The contest was to see who could drink the most water without using the restroom. A couple hours later she died from what appears to be water intoxication. 

When I first heard the story a couple of days ago, I felt so horrible for the three children. I read a blog mocking the mother’s stupidness but didn’t find it to be humorous. Afterall, how many people would actually think about the risk of death in drinking too much water?

Yesterday, I heard that the broadcasters and other radio employees were fired. I figured it was a public relations move because of negligence.  It was — but there was more to the story.  Jennifer Strange, the mother of three, drank 2 gallons of water. Clearly, she didn’t know about the dangers. In her mind, she was probably doing something a bit crazy to win a present for her kids. She probably thought a radio station wouldn’t have her do something life-threatening for an electronic game. What is so sad, is according to Fox News, the broadcasters knew about the dangers of water intoxication and made jokes about it on the air. They knew about the dangers, but indicated that it wasn’t their problem. What some people will do for a laugh and ratings.


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