Locked out

Okay, after my last post I figured levity was needed. Then as I start writing,  I find out my five year old daughter locked my 17 month old in his room. So I played MacGyver and finally after 15 minutes, two screwdrivers and blood, sweat, and tears I got him out. (Okay, I’ll fess up. My daughter locked the door another time and my husband showed me how to unlock the door with the screw driver — otherwise it would have taken me 45 minutes and two calls to him).

My daughter was crying because she knew she did something wrong, my oldest son was about to cry because he was worried, my baby was crying because he was scared.  I prayed through the whole thing which kept me from coming unglued. 

When I got the door open, my little boy was in a corner with his bear blankie and his pants off. Apparently in his anxiety, he managed to wiggle out of his pants. My daughter agreed to never lock the door again. And everything is somewhat calm –until tomorrow.


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