A sports car–really?

I just heard a funny radio commercial. They weren’t trying to be funny–they were serious. The commercial was selling the Honda Odyssey minivan. The man on the commercial said that driving the Odyssey was like driving a sedan or a sports car. Yeah, right. I could just hear the teenage boys: “What was that?” “I think it was a Porsche.” “No, maybe a Corvette.” “No, it was a Odyssey minivan, dude.” “No way.” “Cool.”

If that wasn’t bad enough the lady on the same commercial said that when she drives the car she no longer looks like a mommy she looks like a “hot chic.” Sure, with 2 kids, a dog and the “My kids are Honor Students at Parkside Elementary” sticker on the back of the minivan. You can just hear those kids again: “Did you see that fine lookin’ betty?” “She was in that convertible, right?” “Naw, man, the Honda minivan.” “Those minis are da bomb.”


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