my escape

Yesterday my husband watched the kids and let me go off on my own. Awww nice. I went to the bookstore. I love bookstores and libraries. I should have gone to the library since it’s free. I go to the library quite a bit, but I always go with my kids. I spend my time looking for car toddler books, cute kindergarten books, spanish books and exciting 4th grade adventures. My time to look for books is the 50 yard dash over to the adult section while my nine year old watches his little siblings before a librarian catches them without an adult or my toddler starts screaming.

So, I should have gone to the library, but sometimes I savor the smells of freshly brewed coffee mingled with newly printed paper. I enjoy seeing the new books on the shelves in nice little rows. I like seeing what people are reading… and what they aren’t reading when I pass by the clearance rack.  You can usually overhear a somewhat interesting conversation if you sit long enough on the comfy chairs — you don’t usually get to eavesdrop in the library — too much whispering. Of course at the library you also don’t get a woman slurping her mocha-something-cino in your ear while she reads the latest issue of “Buttons and Bows”.


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