The stuffing of America

I have lived in another country and visited many others–there is no place like the US if you want stuff. Take the warehouse stores, for example, after you pick up your 49 lbs of bacon you see the electronics section. You think, hey that 61 inch screen television is $199 cheaper this month. I could use that tv–I’ll move the other one into the bathroom–it should fit, I have high ceilings. So you leave with 5 mega ketchup bottles, 49 lbs of bacon, 99 rolls of toilet paper, 8 rolls of tape, 7 books and your television. You pat yourself on the back for saving so much money even though you know you only went to the store because you were out of milk and cereal.

In the US it’s all about variety and size. I was in line at a store and noticed a circular rack loaded with bookmarks. There were so many bookmarks–some with flowers or beads or ribbons and some  printed with Chinese writing–in so many shapes and sizes. Some of the bookmarks were very pretty and I started thinking about buying a bookmark. I didn’t need a bookmark, I have bookmarks at home (old receipts and post-its). It was the sheer volume of bookmarks that made me think that I wanted one. I thought, if only I was rich, I could buy all the bookmarks in the world. Do rich people even buy bookmarks? Do rich people even read? It’s just a bookmark!

And speaking of variety, do you have any idea how many different kinds of mgazines there are out there? Do you realize how specialized they are? Yesterday, I saw four magazines just dedicated to bead working and seven quilting magazines! There were magazines just focused on pets–and their celebrities–that is–the celebrities that own them. There were at least five magazines with Britney Spears on the cover with her new boyfriend (who looks just like her husband). If you try hard enough you could probably find a magazine just about knitting for Chihuahuas and Poodles in the wintertime in the Appalachian mountains. I got overwhelmed by all of the magazine choices and couldn’t buy even one–of course, I didn’t have any money either.


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