Study on brain bleeding means

I just have to say I get a kick out of these great news items. There was a study conducted on newborns that concluded that one in four babies that were delivered naturally (not by cesarean) “suffered a limited amount of intracranial bleeding, but the bleeding is limited and has no apparent effect.” Wow, that is helpful. Now all of these pregnant women are going to be asking their doctors if they can have a cesarean because of a study that means–what? We don’t know. Maybe, just a thought, they could have waited to release this information until they could actually conclude something helpful?

As soon as I read the story, I ran over to my kids with a flash light and looked in their ears. I didn’t see any bleeding so I think they recovered fine if they did bleed. In five or ten years from now, they will follow-up with a conclusion that the internal bleeding is a natural part of the birthing process and is actually helpful for some cranial-thalamusal-medullan-cerubellum reason. Until then, every paranoid mother-to-be will be freaking out because there is a one in four chance that if they have their child naturally, the child might have brain bleeding that means–once again, nothing conclusive.


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