Man caught cashing check from God

A man was arrested for trying to cash a check from God. He had an invalid Bank One check written out to him for $50,000 signed “King Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Servant.” At first when I read this I thought, well, if God’s going to write a check why not go for a larger amount? Then I read that Kevin Russell had more checks written by God –one for $100,000. So I guess he decided to go for the lower amount so he didn’t look suspicious.

He was charged with one count check fraud, one count intimidation and one count for resisting arrest. How long do you think it took the cashier to realize it was a fraudulent check? What is the count of intimidation mean? Was he threatening to go to God if they didn’t cash it? I wonder who’s going to defend him in court?

How to label

 “0 Trans Fat”, “No Carb”, “Low-Carb”, “Sugar-Free”, “Low-fat”, “100% Natural”, “Organic”–go into the local grocery store and you are deluged with labels. What do those labels mean? Most people probably think those labels mean healthy (Oh, look, the jelly beans are 0 trans fat — that would be good for breakfast, huh?).  So many people don’t bother to read the small print that has the list of ingredients. Let’s say you pick up a “100% Natural” granola bar (sounds healthy) but what if you stop and read the ingredients and the first ingredient is sugar? Is it really that healthy, now? Sugar is natural, afterall.

Don’t we do this with people? I think two of the (1000) things that bug me the most about politics is all of the labeling and the seemingly simple answers for complex issues. I won’t go into the simple answers now, and might not ever, but what about those labels? How quickly do we jump to conclusions just based on the political party someone supports? Do we read the fine print? Do we take the time to investigate further?

I was going to list some labels and stereotypes we love to throw around but I really don’t think I need to. I think we all know what labels we like to pin on people based on race, religions, age, etc., without reading the list of ingredients–without taking the time to think or ask questions. We even do it to ourselves, to feel like we belong maybe we stick a label on ourselves without thinking about the definition of that label. Labels put on products are there to help market them, is that what we do with labels on people? What do you think? 

I keep forgetting Tuesday, my Ben & Jerry day


If you didn’t remember, or never read my “Top 10 reasons you should read my blog” post then you don’t know that Tuesday is my all you can eat Ben & Jerry ice cream day. Yes, I let you eat all the Ben & Jerry’s you want today! What other blog offers you that?

Melody Gardot, a talented voice to check out

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months–when I first started my blog. I was taking my daughter to school one day when I caught the end of an interview on a talk radio station. The announcer was interviewing Melody Gardot, a young jazz/blues singer from Philadelphia. Her voice and story touched me.

Melody Gardot was disabled at 19, after she was hit by a jeep when she was riding her bicycle in Philadelphia. One of the attending physicians, concerned about the damage to her brain after the accident, recommended music as a way to improve her cognitive development. Melody, unable to walk, started recording her first album, fittingly titled Some Lessons–the Bedroom Sessions as she recorded it confined to her bed. As I said in my post regarding Jennifer Hudson, I love a good comeback story. Melody Gardot’s life threatening accident brought her to triumph rather than hopelessness. 

Melody Gardot released her second CD in which she demonstrates her wonderful songwriting/singing ability. The CD is titled Worrisome Heart and is worth checking out. After I heard her interview, I had to go online and buy this CD. It has a soft blues flavor and is soothing and romantic–you will just have hear it for yourself. I think it will be hard for you to believe that she is only 22 after listening to a few of her tracks–her emotion and talent go beyond her years. Check out my links and see how adversity can be transformed into beauty.  

I was divided…

I was torn between two themes feeling like a fool. Although I did enjoy my 24 hour trial with the last theme it was just too divided. I couldn’t go on when I was broken into four pieces. My lengthy posts in such a long narrow column looked like they were even more boring than they were in reality. Too much emphasis was put on those widgets, and I couldn’t let them take over my life. After reviewing the comments, and spending endless hours going over every detail with management, we have decided to unveil “misty” as my new theme. I hope you will join me in welcoming this new theme to a-muse-ing.

Please also make a note of the beautiful picture in the post before–which would mean it is below. This is a view from my house–no, not really, but it could be if it were!

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