Montheversary of my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the anniversary 30daysary  montheversary of my blog! Yes, I know you are excited. I have existed for one month in the blogosphere. I am not sure why it took me so long to get out there. I have been reading blogs regularly for the last few years, but couldn’t even comment on them, because I was nervous about my words being out in cyberspace. It must have been yet another phobia of mine (see Fear of  Phobias post) perhaps named cybercommentphobia. Anyway, I have overcome my phobia and am now floating my sarcasm and quirkiness throughout cyberspace–still scary.

As I look at the month in review, the most popular posting was SAHM, Inc. I think only because mothers were looking to see if it was a company that would employ them. I am sorry to disappoint you.  Another popular post was Toothless or Penniless. I am not sure why–maybe because dental care is popular in January.

As far as February, I hope to be able to add more pictures. I am a bit tech-incompetent at times. I have the Internet down–but I seem to have a difficulty moving pictures from my camera (which was given to me by a wonderful nephew) to the computer. I also seem to have a problem getting good pictures into my camera. My theory is to take tons of pictures and then you will have tons of pictures to delete! You see, a good photographer has a wonderful balance of patience, timing, knowledge and skill. The point and click approach that I take doesn’t produce quality just quantity.

I plan on adding more numbers to my About page this month. I am sure that will herd in those readers. 🙂


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