The Oklahoma Hilton for Thousands of Inmates

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made his fellow Republicans proud when he decided his administration would be shipping inmates out of California to help solve the problem of overcrowded prisons.

He will be forcing many inmates to leave California because they didn’t volunteer after they saw the promotional video. Apparently, it is a video starring Ryan Seacrest interviewing former famous inmates in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona. They are advertising the luxury prison accommodations and are thinking about doing a “Prison American Idol” from it all. Simon Cowell thinks there might be some raw talent in the prisons. Okay, not exactly, but they did try to “drum up enthusiasm for the out-of-state lockups with a 20-minute video extolling good food, scenic views and cable television”. (LA Times) Few inmates took the bait.

Okay. I don’t know why. If you are going to go to prison, why not get the Hilton of Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona instead of Motel Six in California? If you doing time why not enjoy it? Why not see some of the country on the taxpayers dime?

What I don’t know is, if when they complete their time in those states, do they get released there or sent back to California? We probably get to pay for them to fly first class back to California. It seems if you are a criminal that maybe a new state would be a nice change. Meet some new people–widen that network.

Some Democrats feel like we are spreading our problem into other states. Why not let the entire country host our inmates for awhile? Maybe we could start an exchange program in the future?


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