10 Jobs and Costly Mistakes

  1. Brain Surgeon – “Almost. Next time I’ll remember to wear my glasses!”
  2. Fireman – Note to self: Memorize the map.
  3. NASA Engineer – “We were late for the launch deadline, so I just used duct tape.”
  4. Funeral Director – “I thought it was Jim to 1st Pres. and Mrs. Kim to Holy Order?
  5. Prosecutor – “I’m suppose to disclose all the evidence?”
  6. Politician – “He was asking if I used illegal drugs? I thought he was referring to my heart medication.”

  7. Race-car mechanic – “I think 3 out of 4 tires  is pretty good.”

  8. President’s chef – “He’s deathly allergic to peanuts? How deathly?”

  9. Secretary – “What papers? Oh, I thought ‘collate’ was a fancy word for ‘shred.’ “

  10. Parachute Instructor – “There’s a special way to fold the chute?”


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