My Valentine’s Morning with the President and Elmo

My Valentine’s Day started with three wonderful cards and the president in my living room. I hadn’t cleaned but he didn’t seem to mind. I assumed he was going to wish me a “Happy Valentine’s Day”, but he just went on and on about Iraq–priorities please! My son sat intently listening to every word out of his mouth, but then got frustrated and said “he just keeps repeating things, he really needs a main point.” I told my son that he should be a bit more respectful as he is our president (I agreed, but I don’t want my son, at nine, to be so cynical–that will come later as he learns about politics). Then Elmo came into the living room in the middle of the conversation and the president had to leave (they can’t be together in the same room–something about their view on global warming).

My husband did a great job for Valentine’s Day–didn’t even get one thing off of my don’t buy lists. He got me a spa day–I think because my legs are so hairy–my toddler saw me in shorts the other day and thought I was daddy. Anyway, he did good! Now, I’m in trouble–I bought him fuzzy dice! 😉

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