mountain lion going to elementary school?

Okay, when you take your kids to schools these days you thing about risks. You think about the wacko pedifile that managed to get a job as a teacher, you think of kids bringing guns to school, you think of kids sharing their older brothers pills on the playground. How often do you think of the danger of mountain lions at school? More

I must be funnier than Ellen and discombobulation?!

So I put a cool couple of youtubes on my blog and guess what? My hits plummet… Now, is it because you enjoy my writing more than even Ellen DeGeneres? Could it be? Or, do you have your Aunt Thelma visiting and you haven’t had time to visit my blog? Or could it be that you really do have more important things to do than see what rjlight wrote for the day? You mean your life isn’t all about me?

I’ve been going back and forth with my blog. I seem to be facing an identity crisis. If you’ve noticed I changed my tagline from “some humor, some insight, always ice cream” to More

Ellen with Gladys again!

Ellen and Gladys Hardy  2007

Another benefit to eating chocolate?

I just read that the average chocolate bar has eight insect legs in it. What is so amazing is that I’ve never heard anyone promoting this added benefit. No, we hear about the antioxidants that help boost the immune system and fight cancer but do we hear about nature’s added protein?

I wonder if the nutrition label even reflects the insect-protein. Of course it probably depends on each bar. I imagine if you have one bar with eight fly legs in it, and another one with a two-wasp-leg/five-gnat-leg combination that the protein and carbohydrate count would be different. I would think the chocolate bar with grasshopper legs would be the most beneficial nutritionally–with all the jumping I’m sure those legs would be lean muscle.

The other thing I wonder about is the person in the lab with the microscope getting paid to count insect legs in chocolate bars. What kind of salary do you think that person brings home every couple of weeks? Does every chocolate bar maker have an insect leg counter on staff?

You don’t have to take my word for it, the next time you take a bite into your favorite Acme chocolate bar, stop, look for a microscope and start counting. Pat yourself on the back–you’re eating more protein than you thought! 


Gladys Hardy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This is so funny! I just had to share! Enjoy!

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