Late again to the party

I am late quite a bit. It’s not that I’m not organized it’s just that I try to pack too many things into 5 minutes. Anyway, I thought about joining the Ultimate Blog Party, but kept thinking I had plently of time…Well, as usual I’m late. Yeah, I’m joining the party with only 3 days left. Oh, well, I’ll still party on! If you want to join us–since it is Tuesday, my Ben & Jerry ice cream day–I’m bringing the ice cream! I looked for Heath Bar Crunch, but it wasn’t at the store so I settled for Chubby Hubby — I never tried it before since I am not into calling my husband “hubby” I’m sorry it isn’t me. I like the ice cream though so I’m bringing it to the party (this is all virtual, please don’t expect me to send you ice cream in the mail it might melt). Mom’s wanna come with? Look to the right or (is it my left?) and click on the button…. see ya there?


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 10:53:00

    Thanks for the ice cream! I love ben and jerrys!!

    Welcome to the party!

  2. Carolyn
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 11:11:01

    mmmm… Ice cream, it’s not quite lunch time here yet, but you just made me hungry :o)
    Welcome to the party… I brought the cookies :o)

  3. sassafrassa
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 13:02:48

    Oh yum, Heath Bar Crunch. Now I’m craving ice cream.

  4. TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 13:43:52

    I haven’t had lunch yet either, but I should have. Ice cream….sounds great! I think a trip to the store is in order!

  5. rjlight
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 13:51:15

    help yourself! I just got Marsh Marsha Marshmallow also it’s in the freezer.

  6. Carolyn
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 16:08:46

    okay, I had lunch now… left over burrito from Burrito Factory. Thanks for stopping by my place, and thnks for the nice compliments :o) I am willing things to get done as far as scrapbooks today too, I will be meeting with two clients later this week, and I just got an order for an altered-paintcan to be done by Thursday!! I’ll go shopping later when my hubby comes home from work :o)

  7. Monkey Giggles
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 17:26:07

    Swinging in for the party!!! Nice to meet ya.

    I am having my 4th..yes 4th party favor give-away. If ya get a chance come on over.

    PARTY ON!!!!

  8. jodi
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 18:03:18

    I’m saying hi via the party. Just doing some party hopping.

  9. rjlight
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 09:57:30

    thanks for coming by jodi. I can’t leave a comment on your site but I did stop by!

  10. Brandie
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 21:40:01

    Hello =) So nice to meet you. And I don’t mind you being late … I’m even later. The party’s over and here I am, still partying! LOL!
    I read your post about kids playing. Dh and I have similar conversations all the time. Fortunately we just moved and we’ve had a few days of warm weather and it seems as if everyone in the neighborhood was out playing and running around! I am so excited … I sure hope it keeps up through the summer =)

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