1/3 Spumoni and Primavera

The weather in the low 70’s, the trees and flowers blooming, the air buzzing with the sound of Harley Davidson’s –what could be better for a walk downtown? Getting a free Italian meal too! Why does a meal taste so much better when someone else pays for it? Does this mean I’m incredibly cheap? or poor? Probably a lot of both.  I enjoy going out to eat, I just don’t enjoy having to pay for it. I guess it’s just most of the time I think, I could make that just as well and for a cheaper price! But, the truth is I enjoy having someone else do the cooking for awhile and my Pasta Primavera loaded with brightly colored asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, snow-peas and red bell peppers was not only delicious but beautiful, and the check was not on us.

You see, my crown was broken at the lab three weeks ago, so I was fitted with a second temporary crown and faced the drill for the second time (because of complications). So in exchange for my pain, misery, and misfortune my dear dental provider gave me a gift certificate at an Italian restaurant. Now three weeks later with my permanent crown in place and my winning smile lighting up every room I enter, I was able to enjoy my dinner and I even shared it with my family–they got their own plates.

We went out to celebrate my husband’s birthday, and my new tooth, and our free meal because of my broken crown, and I had a great night oh, and my husband did too.The food was great (did I tell you I had Pasta Primavera?) there were no temper tantrums, and the kids were good too! The kids actually ate their meals (pizza and buttered noodles), didn’t fight, start a fire, or trip the waiter the entire meal! After our carb high, we walked down the street for ice cream (my husband’s otorhinolaryngologist paid for that).

Did you know that ice cream is one of my favorite things? Really. It’s not my husband’s favorite thing, chocolate is my husband’s favorite thing. So, as long as there is chocolate he is happy. It can be in any form; liquid, solid, and even gas–he’d inhale it for sure. So as long as the ice cream is filled with plenty of chocolate he’s celebrating. He got something called Chocolate Devotion or in other words, milk chocolate with dark chocolate plus chocolate brownie bits plus chocolate chips and chocolate syrup — thankfully, it wasn’t in a chocolate cone. I like chocolate, but I like ice cream more. I need to taste the ice cream; I don’t want it all covered up with so much chocolate that you miss the cream! I tried a combination that has now reached the top of the ice cream billboard charts –pistachio ice cream with Heath bar pieces. My kids tried mine and they couldn’t appreciate the subtle nuances of the sophisticated flavor.  How could it compete with cotton candy ice cream topped with gummy bears (which get frozen sitting in the ice cream)?

Did I tell you I had pistachio ice cream with Heath bar pieces? Wow, I forgot how much I like the flavor of pistachio ice cream. I think pistachio ice cream is a classic just like Oldsmobile. Did you know that Neapolitan ice cream actually started as spumoni in Italy and was made with pistachio, cherry and chocolate ice cream? I was so Italian tonight.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heatherinmadrid
    Mar 11, 2007 @ 10:53:00

    I’m with your husband on this one. I feel the need for some Chocolate Therapy RIGHT NOW!

  2. TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 08:34:53

    There’s nothing like free food…except maybe really GOOD free food!

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