A mouse life

I’m glad I’m not a mouse used for research. I have no desire to be put in small plexiglass containers to see how I react to stress or pumped with drugs to see if I will develop cancer. I don’t want to find out if I can regrow a heart or limb after injecting fetal liver cells.

I don’t want the life of a mouse. The idea of those mazes really freaks me out. I couldn’t spend my days going through mazes–I get dizzy walking through shopping malls. How about spinning around and around on those little wheels? No wonder they only live to be around three years of age.

What about the life of a wild rat? Scrounging around in sewers looking for food–getting small parts in movies set in Europe during the renaissance period. No, I’d rather fight traffic to see how I react to stress and eat ice cream to see if I develop cancer. I’d rather not be used for testing, they can do that with my body after I’m gone. I’ll take a small part in a renaissance movie; however, as long as I don’t have to crawl through sewers.


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  1. Alien Drums
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 10:25:04

    Very nice. You’re “I’d rather fight traffic to see how I react to stress and eat ice cream to see if I develop cancer,” made me laugh. This ice cream theme definitely keeps surfacing. Life without ice cream would be hell, so that must mean there will be ice cream in heaven.

    Check out my latest post. You inspired me.

  2. TSM-truth, sincerity, madness
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 13:39:56

    Somehow when we chat, it’s always about ice cream. Probably why I like you so much.

  3. rjlight
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 15:06:04

    Interesting I talk about rats and my readers see nothing but ice cream… 🙂
    Yes, there is definitely going to be lots of ice cream in heaven — flavors that have never even crossed our minds…

  4. WhoreChurch
    Mar 12, 2007 @ 19:57:05

    Yeah, but I LOVE rat flavored ice cream–I love the texture of a crunchy fried rat contrasted with the creamy chocolate ice cream.

    Thanks for stopping by the church and making a bunch of thoughtful posts. I don’t want to be forward, but do you have a crush on me? Cause I’m already married. Sorry, I know it’s tough. You’re not the first. Don’t feel hopeless, you’ll get over it in time.

  5. rjlight
    Mar 13, 2007 @ 09:53:48

    okay, there is a flavor of ice cream I don’t like… ugh

    I’ll try to get over it — I just like your white robe and hat in your picture. 🙂

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