I must be funnier than Ellen and discombobulation?!

So I put a cool couple of youtubes on my blog and guess what? My hits plummet… Now, is it because you enjoy my writing more than even Ellen DeGeneres? Could it be? Or, do you have your Aunt Thelma visiting and you haven’t had time to visit my blog? Or could it be that you really do have more important things to do than see what rjlight wrote for the day? You mean your life isn’t all about me?

I’ve been going back and forth with my blog. I seem to be facing an identity crisis. If you’ve noticed I changed my tagline from “some humor, some insight, always ice cream” to “where ice cream and discombobulation meet”. Why? The truth is I was reading and I saw the word discombobulate and I thought about how much I liked that word and how well it seemed to describe me in my life and so the next thing I knew I was changing my tagline. Not a very good reason, huh?

Well, I really enjoy writing humor the most, but sometimes I have to vent my darker viewpoint, so I am working on another blog that will cover my serious, mysterious side and keep humor over here. The other day I thought I was a blogger, and I actually went out of the wordpress.com comfort and got my own domain. I went from “yeah, I’m a real blogger now, ” to “yeah, I’m an idiot, I can’t do this, where is my help from wordpress?” So, I do have a domain and a wordpress theme and I am still working through my blog theme, and I don’t know what I’m doing…

So, this is the time when I ask for input. Yes, my readers, who used to be so faithful, I need to know if :

you like my new tagline or the old better, (or maybe you just wish the ice cream would go away because you are gaining too many virtual pounds)

you have any ideas about me branching off into another blog and what that blog could/should address…

Okay, hardly any pressure. Like you have no better thing than to write a comment on my blog, right?

Oh no, is today Wednesday? I forgot my Ben & Jerry ice cream day yesterday! Oh man, I let you down again. All those people (5 or so) who came to my blog because I promised…I’m sorry…. See discombobulate does apply to me… Okay, and insecurity does too!

UPDATE: I went back to my original tagline and it should stay there at least for another day or two…


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ruaseeker2
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 11:40:38

    I stumbled upon your blog today and am most of the way through all of your entries. Why do you feel the need to compartmentalize yourself by maintaining two blogs? Do you feel like you would offend some sophisticate that has no time for your reality in which things are not always about Ben and Jerry’s?

    I am impressed with your writing, your insight, your humor, but most of all your human-ness. I intend to keep up with what you post…

    Don’t be discouraged. Keep at it. Be real. Keep seeking…

  2. danielandthelions
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 11:41:36

    See my blog entry for today as to why I haven’t been by to ready your insights… Sorry rjl. 😦

  3. rjlight
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 16:26:02

    ruaseeker2 – hey, thanks for visiting and thanks for your very candid response. I guess I wasn’t looking at it as compartmentalizing as much as expanding…hmmm. I will needs to think on that…thanks for your nice words.

    danielandthelions – I’m so sorry and don’t apologize to me!

  4. Luisa
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 17:40:49

    Maybe identity crises are in the air (I don’t know whether you’ve been back to my blog and read yesterday’s post)! I never get tired of ice cream OR humor. I put all my posts, as eclectic as they are, on one blog, probably because I’m lazy.

    If you want my two cents’ worth, I like to see all sides of a person in once place. Share the dark alongside the light–that’s my vote! But don’t give my opinion too much weight; I’m pretty new to blogging, and I only ‘met’ you a few weeks ago. How’s that for insecurity? 😉

  5. Heather
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 22:57:31

    I agree, I think you can keep it all in one place. Since you can use labels, if people only want to read the funny they can. But yeah, I like seeing the whole you 🙂

    And I sat here with my empty bowl all day, just hoping you would show up with the ice cream 🙂

    Love ya.

  6. Diane
    Mar 29, 2007 @ 06:29:48

    Here’s my question though…you are on my blogroll and so I don’t always “go” to your site to read your blogs. I read them through my ‘blogroll surfer’ on my dashboard. So if I do that – does it come up in your statistics that I read your blog or not?

    Anyway – thanks for the videos on Ellen and Gladys. I LOVED them and watched them all at YouTube after you had pointed them out. I never would have caught them if you hadn’t.

  7. rjlight
    Mar 29, 2007 @ 08:26:29

    Okay, everyone totally surprised me on this one–I was not expecting this response. I do want you to know I am stocked for Tuesday I just have to remember to post!
    Diane–so sweet for asking — yes it shows up if you read through your site. I am so glad you like the videos!
    Thanks so much for all your input!!!!!!

  8. Marketing Mommy
    Mar 29, 2007 @ 10:22:55

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the whole Alpha/supermommy thing. As you might have been able to tell, I’ve never compartmentalized my various sides on my blog. I write about parenthood, marketing, the environment and other issues I care about. It’s not a mommy blog or a marketing blog and that’s OK: it’s MY blog. So don’t worry about getting humor on your dark side or the reverse. Be a Reese’s.

    P.S. It’s interesting that you thought I worked at an agency p/t versus f/t. In fact, I’d sacrifice my career and a good portion of our income if I went p/t, so I work 9-5 as much as 95 percent of the time and monitor my Blackberry in case I’m missing out on any drama after hours.

  9. perkidawn
    Mar 30, 2007 @ 21:31:53

    rj: I love reading your blog! Everyone else is right–You’d really compartmentalize if you got a second one just for ‘other’ thoughts. I started out with two blogs, unfortunately, and can’t seem to merge them without losing… I have my “Mom” blog which really does have many random topics, and my “homeschool” blog which is just about homeschooling. There are times I wish I’d just gone with one. Too late now, as WP doesn’t have a “merge” feature (wouldn’t that be cool?) I just bounce back & forth between the two.

    Don’t do it!

  10. Brent
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 11:42:37

    I love your blog. Anyone that doesn’t love it should be flogged with dirty socks.

    But I must make a horrible confession. Two actually.

    1. I usually only get over here about once a week to catch up on events in this corner of the blogosphere, but I swear to do better as soon as school lets out for the summer.

    So help me Ben & Jerry!

    2. I have the debilitating condition know as …… Dialup! Yes, I confess that the world of video is one that I must partake of vicariously, only at work, which hasn’t been very cooperative as of late.

    Shameful, I know.

    As for your identity crisis, you are an excellent writer and quite funny. Your personality will come through no matter what you write.
    Just be yourself and people will respect that. I know I sound like a patronizing parent, but your “self” is lively and entertaining and rings with truth. There will always be an audience for that.

    They simply may not know where to find you just yet.

    P.S. Thanks for your help on my identity crisis.

  11. rjlight
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 18:22:44

    Perkidawn — thank you so much for your comment and nice remarks…I will be all of me here — to a certain extent… 🙂 I didn’t know you were still splitting yourself between the two blogs –especially when you don’t even homeschool anymore!

    Brent — thank you for your nice comments..so sorry to hear about the dialup — wow, blogging with dialup that is just so hard to hear… You’re doing a great job juggling so much…

    Everyone, I really wasn’t fishing for compliments–okay, I was… the insecurity again…Thank you so much for your comments, input, words of wisdom, advice, suggestions, words of flattery, reprimands, etc.

    I can’t tell you how much I love hearing that you are enjoying the blog…so much pressure now to keep you happy…:)

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