misery of rejection

Well, my last post was #100 and it’s a bit hard to believe. I would have loved to celebrate with the news of one of my articles being published in a magazine; however, a couple days ago I received another rejection. My first response was — well, I won’t tell you about my first response. My second response was reaching for my ultimate childhood comfort food–tapioca pudding. Yeah, even Ben & Jerry’s couldn’t comfort me.

I read over my submission again. Yes, I’m sure I could have made it better. Maybe I should have spelled words correctly and used proper grammar? Maybe it was so funny the editor was filled with jealousy and had to reject it out of spite! Yeah, that’s it. I’ve made progress though. I used to send in submissions and after 10 years or so I figured I was rejected. This time I got a rejection letter! Now, if I could just get a rejection letter that included ways to improve my writing such as:

Dear RJ Light,

Please take another writing class or two (or more) or consider another profession. You are not funny.


Ms. Editor

I did check my Standard-Freelancer account and I’ve made 22 cents. I know when I can buy a postage stamp from my earnings I’ve made it as a writer. So, I’ll try harder, and sooner or later an editor will read my latest submission and say, “Wow, this is funny. I can’t wait to publish this –our readers will be laughing for hours! How much money can we afford to pay her for this?”

Well, I’ll keep plugging along and writing because that’s what I do. So the moral of this post #101 is: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or in my case, when life eggs you, make tapioca pudding.


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  1. Luisa
    Apr 14, 2007 @ 04:10:45

    RJL, I’m so sorry. I’ve been there, believe me. Remember that Madeleine L’Engle got something like 63 rejection letters (were there actually that many publishers in the early 60s?) before A Wrinkle in Time was published. And good on ya with the tapioca–perfect comfort food every time.

    You *are* funny! Which is why I keep coming back here. Hang in there.

  2. hisrealestatenetwork
    Apr 14, 2007 @ 21:57:39

    keep at it! Stephen King wrote in his book “On Writing” (an excellent if short and abnormally weird insight into the brain of the most read writer of our age) that he got dozens and dozens of form rejections before anything that was personalized in the slightest…and he drove a nail in the wall and slipped them on it one by one. Drive that nail, and keep pressing. Sooner or later, things will drop into place as long as you love what you’re doing and pursue it with passion…

  3. Brent
    Apr 15, 2007 @ 14:44:16

    Don’t give up.

    Do read “On Writing.”

    Make sure you bring enough ice cream for the whole class.


    What do editors know anyway?

  4. rjlight
    Apr 15, 2007 @ 14:57:22

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the encouragement! I was hoping this post would be a funny encouragement for others, but I guess it sounded more like a pitty party! I will keep plugging along and work harder!

    Brent & Luisa you both keep me striving to improve my writing–thanks!

    hisrealestatenetwork — thanks for visiting and saying such nice things!

  5. TSM-truth, sincerity, madness
    Apr 15, 2007 @ 19:54:55

    Oh hon 😦 Don’t let it get to you.

    I just finished going through my blogroll and deleting about four of the fifty that I felt just couldn’t keep my attention.

    And YOU definately keep my attention, as short as it is! So that’s something! It’s not lime strips, but hey! It’s something!

  6. Sham
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 03:49:17

    Don’t give up…. Did you know that several authors had so….. many failures before actually getting noticed. Who knows, it might be a matter of time for you… So keep doing what you have been doing.

    Personally, I like your writing style and the way you convey yourself.

    Hang in there!


  7. rjlight
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 08:31:12

    Thanks for your nice comment, Sham!

    TSM- you’re such a sweetie! I feel the same way about your blog! 🙂

  8. tobeme
    Apr 16, 2007 @ 11:47:04

    If writing is your passion, let no man extinguish it. Keep doing what you love. Your time will come. Did you know that Stephen King was a failure as a writer for a very long time?

  9. rjlight
    Apr 17, 2007 @ 08:19:59

    Yes, I am going to read Stephen King’s book this month! Since everyone is recommending it –it must be a sign! 🙂

  10. hisrealestatenetwork
    Apr 18, 2007 @ 13:19:25

    yep, check it out for sure..it’s a quick read and you’ll be tempted to blow through it in a day…if you can’t help it read it again (it’ll be worth it)

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