Fears of Memes and Amway

My mom made it clear that I should never respond to chain letters. I’m not sure what her reasons were — something about superstitions.  With the coming of e-mail it seemed chain letters were replaced with forwarded e-mails. I know they aren’t exactly the same thing — I can never get the $1 into my email– but they are just as annoying.  I am not a big fan of forwarded emails –except the funny ones. I absolutely despise the cautionary-political-inflammatory-ones, because 96.7834% of those aren’t even true. I also don’t like the “pray for so-and-so whose cousin’s sister’s brother-in-law’s neighbor’s grandmother’s cat is sick” forwards.  I like personal emails with concerns from people I know, or the e-mails that say “You have a new comment on your blog.”. 

I also tend to stay away from cookie and recipe exchanges. I don’t know I guess I’m a non-conformist or maybe it’s because of Herman. Who is Herman? I’m glad you asked. Well, sometime in the 80’s when Donna Summer was in her hot pants and I was roller-skating, Herman came to our house. Herman, was a sour-dough starter. Huh? Well, he was some mixture of yeast, water, flour, milk and possibly an eye of a newt. Herman would come to your house and you would stir him and feed him so many days with flour, other days I think you would punch him or something. I think after 10 days or so, you would then follow some secret recipe and use a cup of Herman. The rest would be left in the refrigerator. 

At first it was great. My mom was using Herman to make gooey orange-cinnamon rolls and warm loafs of bread. I had to admit I liked Herman’s contribution to the family. But then it seemed life with Herman became stressful for my mom. She seemed more concerned about stirring Herman than making my peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Eventually, Herman had to go. I don’t know where he went. I like to think he went to a new family or maybe to sourdough-starter heaven. I have to think he is making someone happy somewhere.

Now I told you all of that to tell you something else. You see I’m also wary of this internet-blog thingy called “memes”. (I tend to put everything that has to do with you-tell-someone-then-they’ll-tell someone into one category. I even put network marketing into this too. Okay, I’ll even through in the parties –Tupperware, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef–they are still you-tell -someone — only in a different way. ) So, back to the memes–I have a hard time with them.

I am using this post as therapy. I don’t know if my hesitancy to participate in the meme world is because I am associating the memes with Herman, chain letters, and Amway or because I don’t like to follow. Maybe it’s because of a long line of very stubborn people in my family or because I am the youngest of eight children and was always trying to dance to my own disco music.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TSM-truth, sincerity, madness
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 15:37:15

    Personally, I participate because 1. I’m glad someone reads my blog and wants me to answer questions and 2. It’s fun to see what whacked out questions I get.

    But don’t feel bad for not participating. I’ll read ya anyway!

  2. Jenna
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 19:02:57

    Loved this post. I had one of those sourdough starters too, and it had to go when it took over my life. Every now and then I miss it and I consider getting another one. Marriage commitment is one thing. Commitment to those sourdough starters is in a whole other league!

  3. heatherinmadrid
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 22:23:33

    Hey, could you list 10 reasons why you don’t like memes? 🙂 Or how about how top 5 ice cream flavors.

    Ooooo, I had one of those starters for “friendship bread” that had vanilla pudding and all sorts of other yummy but fattening things in it. I had to ditch it so I didn’t gain eleventy billion pounds. No danger of those here….can you imagine Spaniards passing around little zip-loc bags of fermenting dough? 🙂

    Love ya.

  4. rjlight
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 08:06:56

    TSM — I’m glad you’ll keep reading anyway! 🙂 One day I might just participate…

    Jenna– thanks! After writing that post I started thinking about bringing good ‘ole Herman back into my life — cinnamon rolls–yum.

    Heather – No, I could never imagine Spaniards passing around little zip-lock bags of dough! That would never happen! Could you imagine a cookie exchange? 🙂

    Thanks so much for your comments! 🙂

  5. tobeme
    Apr 20, 2007 @ 10:40:35

    I too, very rarely participate in memes and you would never catch me at an Amway meeting, well not again anyway!

  6. rjlight
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 18:55:40

    tobeme – oh, so you have been at an Amway meeting before…

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