Job Experience, Part II

Before I get into my next highly anticipated job, I have to interupt with a typo I saw on some job board:

Job: Revenge Accountant

I think this was suppose to be “Revenue”, but maybe it wasn’t even a job announcement but a misplaced “Wanted” announcement. Someone crossed the accountant, and now he is striking back with those balance sheets. I don’t think as a business owner I would want an accountant working for me with an ax to grind. Beware of the man with the adding machine….

Okay, enough with the mediocre so I can continue with my mediocre job stories.

When I was around some age in high school, I earned some extra cash as a base umpire for Little League games. It was a somewhat nice job although there was a surprising amount of pressure. Sure, you think, but it’s just a baseball game and little league at that — ha! That’s not what the parents thought! I got called all kinds of names, and that was before the game even started–no applause when I took the field. I knew how to handle those parents though. One time one of the mothers yelled “Get some glasses” to which I replied, “I already have some at home!” Yeah, I showed them.

Lessons learned from base umpiring:

  • Parents of Little Leaguers are mean
  • Kids in Little League just want to have fun–it’s the parents who are out of control if they don’t win
  • And again, kids always puke on hard-to-wash surfaces

  Perks of the job:

  • The pay was okay — something like $25 a game 
  • I watched Little League baseball games for free

Would I do this job again?

I don’t know, I think parents are worse now than back um, 10 years ago or SO when I was coaching. I enjoyed doing it though.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karl Wolfbrooks
    Aug 04, 2007 @ 22:39:45

    Actually, revenge accountants are a new trend in the consulting industry. I’ve known of a company or two that have gone this route and they’ve been very satisfied. Not for me, however.

  2. Diesel
    Aug 05, 2007 @ 21:36:47

    Revenge accountant sounds like a cool job. Except for the accountant part.

  3. rjlight
    Aug 06, 2007 @ 07:08:53

    Karl — I’m 99.8765321% positive that this particular ad was a typo….it’s interesting to know that this job exists though… I think….

    Diesel — having done the accountant part it would make the job less mundane if there was a revenge side to it!

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