Grocery Lists and Christmas Songs

When my husband gets into the Christmas spirit and decides it’s time to decorate the house with colorful shiny things, I leave the house. This usually happens right after Thanksgiving. It’s not that I’m a scrooge but I don’t like the clutter and chaos. I also don’t want the Christmas music playing too early. I can enjoy it all for a few weeks, however, the day after Christmas I am ready to clean up. In Spain the Christmas season is even longer because you have to wait for the kings to come on January 6th.  Way too long for me, but I survived for many years.

The other day my son heard a Christmas song on the radio and he said, “Hey, I just heard that one yesterday.”I used that moment to explain why I don’t like to listen to Christmas music so early because there are only so many Christmas songs, and you have to hear them over and over and over. I think my son finally understood me. My daughter and husband will never understand.

Doesn’t anyone else get tired of the same 50 songs all month long? Of course there is variety in that you can hear 30 different artists spanning decades singing the same lyrics. I know it is exciting to hear both Bing Crosby and Gloria Estefan singing about sleigh bells in the snow.

Now the song “Winter Wonderland” preplexed me for many years. You know the line “In the meadow you can build a snowman, and pretend that he is Parson Brown.” I thought it was “parse and brown”. I thought saying parse and brown was a like saying he was tan and human-like. I couldn’t figure out why the snowman would care if we were married and who is “we” anyway?

I have to admit my favorite songs are the ones sung by these rockers that really can’t sing. They do a great job yelling out “I’m a rocker” and “I hate your mama” or whatever they normally sing, but give them one of these Christmas songs with a mellow melody and it’s painful to hear.

Speaking of Christmas songs, did you know that you can go to a website and read other people’s grocery lists? Now, why would anyone want to do that? So why did I actually go to that website? I enjoy baking and cooking. I hate planning what we are going to eat for the week, and making the lists. I guess I thought I could just borrow someone else’s list and follow it and maybe it would lend itself to a week of meals. It didn’t work. I ended up with a list with vodka, pasta and dish soap. My husband didn’t like the vodka with pasta or the pasta with dish soap. So the moral of the story is, that you can’t steal someone else’s grocery list, and you can’t sing about Parson Brown without confusing the kids.


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  1. Dan
    Dec 13, 2007 @ 17:20:00

    I dislike Christmas songs. I’m not sure why. I don’t dislike Christmas. There’s something about them. I can’t put a finger on it. The bells? All that bell shaking? The worst is hearing a Christmas song in the middle of the summer. Ugh!

  2. Debbie
    Dec 14, 2007 @ 10:40:16

    The only x-mas songs I can stand are the re-mixes:

    Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth) by Bing Crosby & Bowie
    Christmas, Baby Please Come Home by U2
    Winter Wonderland, by Eurythmics
    Gabriel’s Message by Sting

    The regular “choir and bells” x-mas music is really hard to take for more than 5 minutes!

  3. Diesel
    Dec 14, 2007 @ 15:52:23

    I always thought that line about Parson Brown “doing the job” when he’s in town was a little weird.

  4. Brent
    Dec 14, 2007 @ 18:58:50

    Not content with merely parsing the browns, my friends DangerCouch made up a bonus chorus for Winter Wonderland. It goes like this:

    “In the meadow we call build a snowman
    And with a heat-gun melt him down.
    Then we’ll gather up our liquid snowman
    And brew up the best hot cocoa in town.”

    Child confusion is almost guaranteed.

  5. Theresa
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 02:04:35

    I don’t mind the Christmas songs too much, but we don’t seem to get so much of it over here as we used to in the States. But having the tree up until after the 6th will be a chore this year with our tree-happy cat. We have computer printed grocery lists with a space next to each item, so I just put a check next to what we need for the week, and that way I usually don’t forget stuff. It makes a huge difference in planning the shopping, which is something I hate. Hang in there with the Christmas stuff, it’ll soon be over. 🙂

  6. tobeme
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 12:56:57

    OK then! Enjoy as much as you can stand.

  7. karen
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 17:57:14

    I heard that song where they combined Bing Crosby and David Bowie. That was just wrong. Bing Crosby is not to be screwed with or sung over. My husband yearns to decorate and listen to Christmas music, so I let him go wild and pretty much ignore the whole thing unless I need to take him to the ER again. Luckily I have an i-pod and shove-em-up-your-ear-canal ear buds, so I can listen to what I want while he completely ignores the music he has tuned into. I think men are better at listening to endless Christmas music because they just don’t HEAR it. Women, I think, tend to actually hear songs. Men, it might as well be a jackhammer.

  8. rjlight
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 18:06:23

    Wow, I didn’t respond to anyone’s comments. I am so sorry. I know you are checking back 50 times a day just to see my witty response!Okay, first of all, I am not a scrooge. I do listen to Christmas music this time of the year, however, I don’t like the same songs. I like hearing fresher songs, newer songs.Secondly, no one even mentioned the grocery lists. That is really what I wanted to talk about! thank you all for your wonderful comments. thank you for still reading when I have been doing a lousy job of writing lately.

  9. VE
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 12:31:34

    Yeah, I agree with you; there is far too few Christmas songs out there and far too many versions of them. Of course, it gets worse, every artist seems to feel the need to add to that dismal collection. If they aren’t doing yet another version, then they are making up, God forbid, their own (think Paul McCartney’s Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time). I had trouble coming up with ANYBODY that hadn’t done a Christmas song or album or something. But I did find that the Rolling Stones don’t and oddly that has given my a new respect for them I never had before.

  10. rjlight
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 12:45:51

    VE — now I have that hideous song by Paul McCartney stuck in my head! I did like the song that a few artists sing — “My grownup Christmas wish” — I did, now it’s getting old. You know what is also so interesting is all the artists that are Jewish that are singing Christmas songs. Interesting.

  11. Luisa
    Dec 20, 2007 @ 13:09:12

    On the contrary, I love this post. The reason why I have so many Christmas CDs is that I hate for them to get stale. It turns out there are way more than 50 songs, if you do a little digging. 😉

  12. Stephen
    Dec 25, 2007 @ 17:28:55

    Hi there! Found you through cre8buzz. I’m right there with you regarding Christmas songs. Any time I have to listen to the radio from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I stick with jazz, classical, or talk radio, because I know I’ll hear all the ‘standards’ on the Internet, TV, and while out and about. Just another way of keeping the sanity during this time. 🙂

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