Non-meme, meme

Everyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I am not a meme gal. I liken them to chain letters (see Fears of Memes )

However, because I am approaching my one-year anniversary of my blog, I decided to do a non-meme. No one is tagged, no one must participate, and no one tagged me in the first place. So here goes: 

1. If you could change your name, what would it be? This is such a hard question, because there are so many names I would love to be. When I was 8, I named all of my dolls “Guadalupe”. I loved the way it rolled off my tongue. I then went through a “Jacqueline” phase. I was “Jessica” for awhile as well. My writing name now is really my changed name so to speak. It is my first two initials and my maiden name—a secret revealed.

2. What is the worst name someone has called you? My kindergarten teacher called me “motor-mouth” and that devastated me. I have been called other more fragrant words since then; however, that one still stings. Why is that?

3. If you could meet someone famous, who would it be? This is too difficult a question. Of people who are currently alive: Jerry Seinfeld, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, and tons of other people that I can’t think of right now. Of people who are deceased (because this is my non-meme and I can do what I want) Gandhi,  Lucille Ball, Grace Kelley, Princess Diana, and tons of other people that I can’t think of right now.  

4. How do you like to travel home? In a covered wagon 

5. What kind of phone to you have? rotary 


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diesel
    Dec 24, 2007 @ 13:44:45

    Merry Christmas, R.J. Guadalupe Motor-Mouth Light!

  2. Luisa
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 13:56:04

    Oh, you tricky lady. This was a fun non-meme.

  3. rjlight
    Dec 30, 2007 @ 11:05:06

    Diesel — Thank you, sir

    Luisa — thanks! 🙂

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