Back to School

I don’t know how homeschool parents do it. They spend all summer with their kids and then when they are at their breaking point they can start teaching them. Huh? At my breaking point I can give my kids to someone else! Yes, I can walk them over to the school down yonder and leave them for hours. I love my kids. They are great kids; however, I get to a point where I don’t care who stared at who and who was sitting where to watch Spongebob.

Even my 3-year-old gives me the hagard look that says, “Mom, can’t they go somewhere? Remember those days when we could enjoy a bagel and cup a joe at the coffee shop quietly?” If I could take half the energy out of my older 2 kids and somehow get it into my gas tank I would never have to fill up with unleaded again.

As much as I love it when the kids go back to school, I always have this wave of sadness go over me after saying goodbye to them the first day. Those moments when I look back at the summer and think wow, I’m going to miss them. And then I party! No, then I anticipate the list. The list every teacher gives with the supplies they need. I think they all get together and try to find items that only an art supply store in Sweden carries. Yes, the typical list from the teacher is like this:

1. Number 2 chartreuse Swiss mechanical pencil with ulta-fine point and soft blue eraser.

2. 14 pack crayons containing the colors: Salmon, Brick, Yellow-green, and Hannah Montana pink.

3. 5 notebooks containing no more than 90 pages, preferably 63 pages all black with red stripe.

4. Wescott Wood School Ruler in 1/16 increments complete with metric scale so we can wonder why America had to complicate things.

My son will forget to hand me this list until he is going to bed on the first night of school. At that time, he will insist that I must run to the store immediately because if he doesn’t have all of the correct supplies by the next morning he will fail school and his teacher will yell at him. I will then try to calm him down which will not work and he will be angry at me until I have found the correct items. I will go to every Target and Wal-Mart within a 15-mile radius the next day and come home with nothing. By December my kids will have all the correct supplies for school.


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  1. Piper of Love
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 09:21:16

    School supplies are a racket!

    My son was excited out of his mind because ‘binder’ was on his school supply list for the first time. Binders are what it’s all about in 4th grade.

  2. rjlight
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 13:12:11

    Piper–Yeah I had to break down and buy my son a real backpack this year because the cheapo one I got last year didn’t even make it a year without duct tape on it to hold it up…yes, I made by 5th grade boy take a backpack with duct tape to school. He really didn’t care!

  3. dapoppins
    Aug 18, 2008 @ 16:11:56

    OH! What a list. Your right. We went all over looking for real pee-chees cause that is what the teacher wanted and only that…and I couldn’t even find them on line. And the list gets longer every year.

    hehe. But this year I am home schooling.

  4. rjlight
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 19:38:03

    dapappins — I had to look up Pee-chees and then as soon as I saw them I remembered my older brothers having them! They don’t even make them anymore!

  5. Nekikay
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 20:55:20

    sorry to say, Pee chee folders have not been made since the early 2000’s! Wikipedia says they were first made in 1943 depicting high school students playing sports!! I remember using them in high school! I guess that teacher needs to check out the ‘fashion’ folder of the current century!!

  6. Momma Knows
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 11:26:26

    Oh my you have no idea. Two years ago we were informed that our daughter, who was going into 9th grade at the time, was REQUIRED TO HAVE a TI-83 graphing calculator which cost $100. We were very thankful for the internet, let me tell you. We bought her a used one for $62. It worked fine. She used it for two years, now our next 9th grader will use it.
    Along with the very expensive calculator, they also need all the regular stuff and new backpacks to boot. 😛

    I added up the supplies lists (4, plus my then 8th grade homeschooler) and it came to around $200 for everything the schools said they had to have. I buy spiral notebooks and filler paper by the case. Pocket folders too. (I am SO GLAD PeeChees are gone… I always thought they were ugly!!)

  7. rjlight
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 13:32:20

    Momma Knows — my h was one of those teachers asking for the calculators when he taught math, but his school already had them so no one had to buy!

  8. meleah rebeccah
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 16:43:23

    Yep. Ive been caught up in the back to school whirlwind too. I love/hate this time of year. Its a lot of prep work, and every year I am reminded how much my son has grown up and I wonder where did all the time go?

    But I am with you. I have NO IDEA how Home School parents do what they do. I could never survive that!!

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