Rambling between states

I traveled this last week to the Carolinas. It was for my jewelry business–I had a couple of shows. It is funny traveling during election time because you overhear all of these political conversations. None of them were terribly interesting though so I thought about my writing quite a bit as I flew. I even made a list of observations to write about but can’t find my list. I don’t know if they were even amusing, but when you are traveling across time zones you tend to think things are funny that aren’t.

I had a credit for my flight and ended up with a long flight. I had to switch planes twice and ride a bus to my terminal while pulling a carry-on bag filled with jewelry and catalogs. Even though the bag was heavy, the trip was much less stressful than traveling back and forth to Spain with three kids. I did have one leg of the flight that I didn’t like too much.

When I was in high school my first car (well, my dad’s car) was a 1973 Saab Sonnett –at least I think that was the year. This car was fun to drive. Well, as long as you didn’t mind the loud engine or could accelerate without the use of first gear. It also didn’t have a radio, but I improvised. I had a battery powered cassette player on the floor so I could listen to Emmylou Harris or The Judds (I went through a country phase)–talk about surround sound!

Oh yeah, back to the flight. My flight was on a Saab airplane. Now I imagined that my nephew could tell me that Saab’s are great airplanes and how they have been making airplanes since the 1930’s and blah, blah, but all I could think about was how much the engine sounded like my Saab Sonnet and wondered if any of the essential equipment was missing on this Saab. It didn’t help that the man sitting in front of me stared outside with the same concerned look on his face as I did. I did make it to my destination, but I think I heard Emmylou Harris singing as we landed.

When I was in the Carolinas my sister was telling me about this master cleanse mix that she took awhile back and how great she felt after she was on it for a week or so. She told me it was a mixture of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup and you should be on it for 10 days. My niece and her husband apparently were on it for 3 hours but that didn’t seem be long enough for any benefits. We talked about trying it, but we had too many eating occasions that week so we decided to wait. I planned to start drinking it when I got home and after researching it a bit more. I can’t imagine not eating for 10 hours let alone 10 days. I couldn’t function — how could I exercise? Also, even more importantly I have a bowl full of Halloween candy in my kitchen. I can’t let my kids eat all of that. What kind of mother would I be? No, I need to eat some of it so they don’t have a mouth full of fillings like I do! So, the master cleanse might need to wait. I wonder if I could just do a minor cleanse and drink it in the morning and eat normally in the afternoon. I have never been a diet person, but I have this flab above my hips that I would love to disappear.

A friend told me about a “fat flush” diet. It is another drink only this one is with cranberry juice, water, and flax seeds. Apparently this is “Hollywood’s best kept secret” and I can have a svelte body by following it. “Svelte”, I don’t think that word has ever been used in the same room with my body–but it sure sounds good. Since I had the 100% cranberry juice and the flax seed I tried the svelte plan. I had such a horrible taste in my mouth I had to suck on an orange tootsie roll pop to get the taste out of my mouth. Hey, at least I picked a fruit instead of chocolate!

I guess I’ll buy the lemons and try the cleanse program tomorrow. I wonder if I add a bit of cranberry juice and flax seed oil if I can then have a svelte body and be master cleansed at the same time! Hmmm, just remembered tomorrow is election day. Is that a good day to cleanse my body? Probably should start cleaning after the elections are over. Yes, that is when the cleansing will be needed.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Momma Knows
    Nov 03, 2008 @ 19:54:03

    ROFLOL! And you know what they mean by Master Cleanse, right? Let me just say this: You may want to stay home for those ten days. 😀

  2. meleah rebeccah
    Nov 04, 2008 @ 15:01:44

    Wow. Holy nice new pretty blog.

    *must go read now*

  3. Janelle
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 06:29:26

    I am the sis on the Master Cleanse I started the day you left the Carolinas! I am on day 7 but I cheated a bit. No, you don’t need to stay home but you do need to keep the drink by your side so as not to get weak. I made it through Holloween without any candy!! I could eat my arm right now because of hunger but I do feel much better. We ate too much while you were here!!

  4. rjlight
    Nov 06, 2008 @ 07:39:29

    momma–I am doing a partial cleanse. I’m working up to it.
    Janelle–well, I’m proud of you. You think 10 pounds of fried potatoes is too much to eat?

  5. Mother Theresa
    Nov 11, 2008 @ 02:12:59

    Ugh, sounds horrible. I think I’ll stick to my diet of jamon de pata negra and good Spanish beer, and sweat it out at my aerobics class. 😉

  6. Janelle
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 17:18:51

    Don’t be too proud I had to start over I messed up! Bummer, I am on day one again I have 10 days until Thanksgiving. I will try again. I still think about those floppy chips Bec. They were so good.

  7. rjlight
    Nov 18, 2008 @ 14:23:08

    Mother Theresa–yeah, that sounds much better — well, except for the aerobics class!
    Janelle–the closest thing to it is Chickfila waffle fries with their ranch-not the same, but works in a pinch…

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