Back from Spain, Back in the Computer Chair

So we got to go to Spain to visit our old friends. Well our friends aren’t old just have been our friends for awhile. We had a great time eating and laughing and talking. Our spanish was quite rough at times (hence, the laughing), but we managed. The kids did great and loved seeing their former elementary school. They were so excited when their friends remembered them.

It still amazes me how you can get on a plane and be transferred to such different places in a matter of hours. The whole trip was quick and it still seems like it was a bit of a dream. We are so grateful for the friends that hosted our family of five–thank you, Andersons! And for other friends that took us in for a night–Thank you Cady’s! We are also grateful for so many wonderful meals given by so many friends! I hope next time we don’t have to wait 3 years to get to go back.

The weekend after we got back we went to Carmel to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. It was great to have that time with her. All of my 7 siblings were there too! My mom was in shock for most of the day–she had friends from High School there. I can’t imagine having friends from High School at my 80th bday. Shoot, I didn’t even see them for my 30th birthday a few (?) years ago.

One of the other special treats after coming back from my trip was having another mouth operation. It ended up being more extensive than we originally planned so I am glad to finally be feeling better. It is nice to not be in constant pain!

Now it is time to work, work , work. A trip to Spain for a family of five is SO expensive. I got another rejection letter upon my return too. My writing dreams seem to be getting dusty….


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