Little Hopes

As I write this my son is asking for something again from his bed. Why do kids take forever to go to sleep? I must remind myself all the time that they grow up so fast and soon they won’t need me for much of anything so I better be thankful they still need me!

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I really didn’t want to face the day and was hoping to sleep all day and pretend the day didn’t come. I was hoping. I took my kids to school and wanted to crawl back into bed again. But I didn’t. I made my sorry butt get out and walk because I knew I wouldn’t get rid of the yucky juju unless I did. I still was not so happy when I got back from my walk and had a therapeutic talk with a friend who reminded me of some much needed things. I then started thinking about that word hope and what it meant.

What does hope look like? What color would hope be? And would I recognize it if I saw it? Is hope that feeling that things will turn out the way you wanted them to turn out? Is it a thought — a confidence that all things work for good? Or maybe a belief that all things happen for a reason so there is something good you can learn from everything?

I really don’t know. I know I tend to hope for big things. I have “my” master plan and when things don’t turn out the way I want them I get discouraged. So I decided that I would ask God for a small hope everyday. Nothing huge but just something that reminded me that there is a master plan and The Master has it all under control without my help.

So I focused on today. I prayed God would give me a little hope today. Nothing huge just something to look forward to. Right after that I went to start my car and it didn’t start. I had to laugh — that was definitely not the little hope I was counting on!

So I shifted gears (not literally, remember the car wasn’t starting) and thought about a little hope that could brighten my day. I remembered a book on joy that I had ordered and thought how fitting that my little hope could be my book to brighten my day. It did come in the mail. And it was bright yellow. So today hope is yellow. I wonder what color hope will be tomorrow.