Man caught cashing check from God

A man was arrested for trying to cash a check from God. He had an invalid Bank One check written out to him for $50,000 signed “King Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Servant.” At first when I read this I thought, well, if God’s going to write a check why not go for a larger amount? Then I read that Kevin Russell had more checks written by God –one for $100,000. So I guess he decided to go for the lower amount so he didn’t look suspicious.

He was charged with one count check fraud, one count intimidation and one count for resisting arrest. How long do you think it took the cashier to realize it was a fraudulent check? What is the count of intimidation mean? Was he threatening to go to God if they didn’t cash it? I wonder who’s going to defend him in court?

I wanted Jennifer Hudson to win an Oscar

I am a sucker for comebacks. I can’t help it. She was considered out of her league in American Idol by Simon Cowell, and the public listened to him. She ended up getting the last word. She reached a level higher than even Simon. She won an Oscar.

I didn’t see very much of the Oscars last night. I wanted to see Ellen DeGeneres because she makes me laugh and I wanted to see Jennifer Hudson win–I missed both and ended up seeing the boring finale. I know if I were a true Hollywood junkie I would be raving about Martin Scorsese’s first Oscar but I don’t care too much. I get lost in that man’s eyebrows. I wanted to see Jennifer Hudson win because that girl’s got talent. And she did. And I’m glad.

More on Community–is the blogosphere a real community?

They were sitting down on a bench talking. I had just taken my son to his tennis lesson, and my other two kids were playing in the playground. My Mandarin is weak–if that is what they were speaking–it could have been Cantonese but I was fairly certain they were originally from a part of China. They were probably in their 60’s and were so excited to see each other. I got the impression that they regulary met in the park. While I was watching my kids, another lady joined the other three. It seemed like she wished them a Happy Chinese New Year–obviously I am assuming a bit, but it was right after the New Year’s celebrations, and they were definitely repeating a phrase. I found myself wanting More

Why Community is Important

When I die I want someone to find my body quickly. I don’t want people to find me in front of a TV somewhat well preserved. Please check on me–please make sure I haven’t fallen into a very deep sleep watching repeats of  Laverne and Shirley.

Vincenzo Ricardo wasn’t so fortunate. I just read about a 70-year-old man who died watching TV and no one knew for a year until police happened upon him. The police had been called to investigate More

Why I need to lock her in a tower

If you haven’t noticed girls are growing up quite fast these days. Well, they appear to grow up fast. They are the same little bodies in “adult” wear. It’s quite scary. The other day my daughter was invited to a birthday party at a girls boutique. I knew my daughter would love the party, and I really didn’t think too much about it. When I went to pick her up she had a new little hairdo and a bright eye shadow on her eyes. I wasn’t too excited about walking downtown with my beauty pageant daughter, but didn’t expect some of the disapproving looks I got from the women I passed on the street.  I don’t regret that my daughter went to the party, it was one day, but I did get reminded after reading this article that I need to make sure that she doesn’t get sucked into the whole tween marketing scheme.

Did you know there is urban slang for a little girl dressing provocatively? They are called “prostitots.” More

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