January magazine reviews

Since I’m a magazine junkie, and try to keep my reading up, here is a quick review on the best articles on some of the magazine stands:

In Style  “10 Tips for Great Hair Every Day” — some secrets to great hair

Good Housekeeping Dr. Phil’s “4 Secrets to Real Change” — indepth article on how to make change last

O, The Oprah Magazine “Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet” and the inspiring “Building a Dream” — Oprah’s school in South Africa

Real Simple — “The Happiest 15 Minutes of My Day” — real women share moments of sanity

Parenting — “How to Be a Happier Mom” — positive look at motherhood

If you are trying to choose a magazine to buy this month, of the above choices, I would buy O, The Oprah Magazine this month. Sorry, my list isn’t too extensive, I will try to have more each month if there is interest.