Moving mountains to find old sausages

I am in the midst of moving. Oh, the joys of moving. It is not fair that I should experience these joys so often. Others should share in this bliss. Right now I am trying to use up the freezer items. It is a bit scary what you find in the freezer. My husband will be happy to find that I am making a pie for him today. It’s his birthday tomorrow. But the reason I am making a pie is because I found a frozen pie crust I had made a month ago (it’s still good) and frozen berries. Well, I thought I had frozen strawberries, blackberries and rasberries. Actually I had frozen strawberries, blackberries and vegetarian sausages. I decided it will be a strawberry-blackberry pie. The sausages can be thrown into a quiche or garbage. I have a hard time throwing good food away, or in this case okay food away,  or to be truthful, icky-I-really-didn’t-like food away.

I guess I could put them in my “memory” box. This is the box that has the earrings that are missing their mates. The box also has other items I wore for some reason and can’t seem to get rid of. And, of course, it contains the baby clothes that I have to pull out every now and then and sigh and say, “How did they grow up so fast?” Now I can say, “Who put the frozen sausages next to my firstborn’s lock of hair?”

So I might need to throw away the vegetarian sausages. The important thing is that I now have a mixture of berries baking in the oven into a delightful syrupy mess without even a hint of sage or any other herbs normally used in the making of sausage.

I found an old onion in the refrigerator. I think it will have to go to the compost pile. Although the bulb was growing into a beautiful green flower…but I don’t have time to cultivate the rare white onion flower. I must pack and make meals out of the freezer items. Let’s see waffles covered with chicken stir-fry–that would work for tonight. For tomorrow night it’s naan bread with corn, peas and sausage with a delicate ginger sauce. Who wants to come over for dinner?