Women are multitaskers and men are multimediers

As if we didn’t have enough noise. Yes, this year you can get cell phones that allow you to watch tv anywhere. So, if you have the money, you can have a tv in every room of your house, a dvd player in your car, tv on your cell phone, and internet on your computer at work and home. And, if you have a trip to some remote place –you can have Tivo record what you missed! Basically, you can stay connected to the media all day long –if you have enough money or are insane!

I have to say these things are being marketed to men. Not women with young kids. They can’t be. Women with young kids are deluged with noise. I don’t want to plug into more noise. I feel like I can’t ever find quiet. I am always trying to find the mute button on my kids. I remember my brother used to watch one game on the tv, listen to another on the radio and read a newspaper about the games the night before –all at the same time. Men don’t normally multi “task” but they do “multimedia”. And, the volume is always on high — just like the burner on the stove when they are cooking.

My husband, by the way, reads my blogs and is aware of my “men” comments. He finds them to be funny — because he knows there is an element of truth in them! I have two sons, so I know as they get older, I will have to search far and wide to find where the quiet is located.