Melody Gardot, a talented voice to check out

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months–when I first started my blog. I was taking my daughter to school one day when I caught the end of an interview on a talk radio station. The announcer was interviewing Melody Gardot, a young jazz/blues singer from Philadelphia. Her voice and story touched me.

Melody Gardot was disabled at 19, after she was hit by a jeep when she was riding her bicycle in Philadelphia. One of the attending physicians, concerned about the damage to her brain after the accident, recommended music as a way to improve her cognitive development. Melody, unable to walk, started recording her first album, fittingly titled Some Lessons–the Bedroom Sessions as she recorded it confined to her bed. As I said in my post regarding Jennifer Hudson, I love a good comeback story. Melody Gardot’s life threatening accident brought her to triumph rather than hopelessness. 

Melody Gardot released her second CD in which she demonstrates her wonderful songwriting/singing ability. The CD is titled Worrisome Heart and is worth checking out. After I heard her interview, I had to go online and buy this CD. It has a soft blues flavor and is soothing and romantic–you will just have hear it for yourself. I think it will be hard for you to believe that she is only 22 after listening to a few of her tracks–her emotion and talent go beyond her years. Check out my links and see how adversity can be transformed into beauty.