To REad


Yes, he takes after me

I was writing. I should have been cutting out paperdolls or giving a puppet show or teaching about the difference between baking soda and baking powder — you know the things good moms do. I was writing, and then I heard something. Actually, I heard nothing and that was the danger. I imagined, when I went to investigate, I was going to find naked dolls hanging from the ceiling in flames or wet toilet paper stuck to the wall framing a colorful mural.

I slowly walked into my son’s room to find my 5-year-old daughter and my 22-month-old son playing chess. I’m not sure who was winning, but my toddler was clapping.

the mostly new vacuum

When we first moved to our current apartment, my husband came back from taking the trash to the dumpster to tell me that there was a vacuum by the dumpster. I like to recycle, and I like a good deal, but I was a bit embarrased to have him pull it up from the trash. Yes, my pride started to hinder me from getting a good bargain, but I pushed it aside and asked him to bring it up and check it out. Turned out it only needed a new belt and it worked better than me and the kids picking up pieces of lint and dirt out of the carpet with our fingers.

A few days ago my husband came back from the trash dumpster again with the news that another vacuum was by the dumpster. Now I’m the kind of person that always gets caught–in school, everyone else could break a rule and no one would notice until I did. My fears of getting caught doing something “wrong” hounded me –could the vacuum just have been forgotten by someone? Could there be a repairman that visits the dumpster to fix vacuums? What if some poor family is looking for their lost vacuum?

After voicing my fears to my husband, he laughed, and got the other vacuum from the dumpster. He worked on the second vacuum  for a few minutes and fixed it. We actually got an upgrade with the second vacuum. In fact, after vacuuming the room we found out that our other free vacuum only brushed the carpet and this one actually picked up the dirt!

Of course, the highlight of my weekend was not the mostly-new functioning vacuum, it was when my daughter yelled at the top of her voice, to her brother who was outside on his scooter, “Guess what? We got a new vacuum from the garbage!”

So, now I am pushing aside all my pride and admitting on my blog that I have two rescued vacuums from the dumpster. Afterall, what pride do I have left after my daughter broadcasts our “new purchases” to the whole neighborhood? I am concerned, however, that there’s a poor neighbor roaming the neighborhood looking for a missing vacuum cleaner or two and I’ll get caught.

spring break means…

hearing “mom” 100 times a day instead of 50

saying “take that out of your nose” a few times a day

half-completed writing attempts all over the house

there will be no “lather, rinse, repeat” in the shower–I’ll go straight for the conditioner to save time

bathroom time is interrupted by the sound of screaming in the other room 

the librarians call out our names when we walk into the library 

when my husband asks me about my day I reply with “no casualties”

if the house is quiet then somebody is decorating their room with baby wipes

the kids will be sent outside to play unless there are flash flood or tornado warnings and even that depends on the severity

I’ll need to remind myself that soon they will grow up and I will be dyeing my hair and thinking up young, hip words to replace “grandma”

I need to end this post to take playdough off the ceiling even though I still have more witty insights to share

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