Brandy in hot water for mistake

I was at the stoplight. I had just moved to the town and was looking at a map. I saw cars in my peripheral vision and thought the light had turned green. It did for the right lanes but not yet for the left turning lane I was in. Too late, I took my foot off the brake and ran into the car in front of me at an unbelievable 2 miles an hour. The policeman at the site sad, “Hey, it’s an accident–that is why they are called accidents.” The driver in the car ahead of me didn’t feel the same way.

After nudging his car (remember I let my foot off of the break), his bumper was scratched. You could see the scratch if you squinted, balanced on one foot and tilted your head. Oh, yeah it was obvious (what are bumpers for anyway?) and the passengers in his car claimed back and neck injuries. They talked with an EMS driver, but never went to the hospital.

My insurance bought him a brand new bumper, but denied the injury claims because they didn’t go to the hospital. They told my insurance that they would sue me. All because I looked town at a map and took my foot off the break before checking the light. Yeah, I messed up. Yeah, it was my fault, but he really needed a new bumper? The passengers needed to threaten to sue me? What is an accident anyway?

Brandy, the singer, was in an accident. The accident was much more severe than mine–a man died in the accident. I am not downplaying the severity of the accident. There were no drugs or alcohol involved–not even a cell phone. She messed up. She wasn’t paying attention like she should have. It was an accident. The family sued her for $50 million. Why? Because she is a famous singer. Will the money bring him back?. Do you think she did it on purpose, because she thought she could get away with it? Please. She made a costly mistake that she will remember for the rest of her life.

When you get behind the wheel of a car you are taking your life at risk. It is a huge responsibility to drive. Traffic collisions kill approximately 1.2 million people each year. Should we drive more carefully? Of course. How many of us could be in the same position as Brandy (that is, make the same mistake, not referring to being able to sing like her or having the money)? So let’s sue her because that will make things much better. At least then we can buy nice things.

Daybreak no more

Okay, I am a bit behind…I just found out Daybreak was cancelled. I put it in my most wonderful “best of” blog yesterday and then I find out it’s gone. It was a good show! It was one of the most creative and well written shows I have seen. What is wrong with these network executives? Give it a bit of time, folks. Would it have killed you to leave it on until the end of the season? With all the competition out there you have to give shows a bit of time to create some buzz!

You had to pay attention (actually think) when you watched the show — which is probably why it didn’t do so well. Who wants to use their brain when they watch tv?