How technology helped my marriage

In the past when my husband and I would visit a place for the first time we would frequently have this conversation (Me=me, and H=Husband–for you slow ones).

Me: Do you know how to get there?

H: More or less

Me: Did you print out the directions?

H: I know the area

Two hours later

H: This can’t be right

Me: I thought you knew how to get there?

H: Could you pull out the map?

Me: Can’t we just ask that man over there?

H: If I just look at the map for a second I’ll figure it out.

15 minutes later

H: We are almost there–I think–I’m going to ask this guy if he knows where it is…

Me: #$&***! BAM! POW! SPLATT! KAPOW!

Now when we visit a new place:

Me: I printed out directions on Mapquest

H: I looked on Microsoft Live Search with 3D technology

Me: You need to turn here

H: Oh, I know, I know. That must be that strange looking building I saw online. There should be a stoplight, then a stop sign followed by a McDonald’s, a dog, a homeless person and a green house for sale, and then we turn left. You see that house — I think that’s the one with the pool and the treehouse in the big back yard. We should be there in 4.5 seconds unless I miscalculated…

Me: (sigh)

Study Finds Geeks Benefit From Afternoon Nap

Harvard School of Public Health released a study today on the benefits of napping. The scientists did the study in Greece and actually found that G-r-eeks who took regular naps were 37 per cent less likely to die of heart disease. However, I believe if the scientists were to do a similar study on geeks during the hours after lunch, they would conclude that they are benefiting from their afternoon snooze as well.

Some companies permit naps to be taken on the job, and many employees actually say it makes them more productive. Other companies don’t allow naps; however, employees have learned More

Girl takes the cookie

I know I am new with this blogging thing and not exactly the most tech-savvy girl in cyberspace. I admit I have limitations. I get overwhelmed with words like “widgets” and “wysiwyg”–that is a misnomer– I see nothing! I get my “uploads” mixed with my “downloads” and my “imports” get lost in Asia or someplace. How long is the learning curve? I am convinced kids born in the 80’s More