Are You Kidding Me?

Everyone’s budget is hurting–especially California’s and also our “city” here in the valley of California. Yes, the economy has left the police force looking for money under all the rocks. My husband got a ticket on the eve of Christmas Eve or is it (like my sister says) Christmas Eve-Eve. Anyway, on the 23rd of December a ticket was left on my husband’s vehicle.

First, we don’t live in the city proper. There are no fighting for parking spots or parking meters. There are few cars that even come by the house!  Technically, we live just inside the city boundaries, but my kids aren’t even in the city school district. Directions to our house are not even on Google because we live in such a new area way back in the subdivision. My family gets lost even after they have been here before. We are far from a major street and everyone who comes to visit us must have clear directions from us and YET, my husband gets a ticket in front of our house the day before Christmas Eve for parking the wrong direction? Are you kidding me? Hmmm, let’s generate some income for the city. Surely, we can find some car parked the wrong direction in some neighborhood no one knows about and don’t forget those jaywalkers. Bring down those filthy criminals.