Focus Group

Tuesday I participated in a focus group. When I was in advertising I watched focus groups so it was fun being on the other side of the window this time. It was a group of 7 ladies and a man who was moderating. All of the participants were recent home buyers and talking about the incentives to received to purchase new homes. One got offered a hybrid, one a $20,000 pool allowance, another a plasma tv, and the best one was solar panels as an incentive. I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of the focus group. I love watching people and hearing their comments.

The highlight of the time was when a lady was describing how she didn’t know that her house would be right next to a stinky dump. She described what sounded like a composting system for a fruit company and how her home was near the smell. At that point another lady brightened up and said “Hey, I think you live near me!”. Turned out they both lived near the stinky pile. I guess even a free plasma tv doesn’t make up for that smell.