Off the Fence

I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to express my freedom to not express my opinion. I gave in. I guess I watched a few debates or one too many and decided I needed to vote this year. Or maybe it was when I received the offer from Omaha steaks and thought it said Obama steaks that I new it was time to register. Okay, some of you are so disappointed that it has taken me so long to register. Well, this wasn’t my first time registering, just the first time at my new address. And at my last new address. And… okay it’s been awhile since I voted. Please no lecturers on the privilege of being able to vote — I’ve heard them all. Just remember we also have the freedom in the US to not vote. Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Anyway, I registered okay. I will soon stand in some boring booth trying to understand what anyone stands for and if that even matters anymore. Yes, I’m a bit cynical. This is why I haven’t registered for awhile. And really, can you blame a bit of cynicism when the congressmen who are supposedly working for us haven’t been working for us and just passed a bill trying to clean up their mess? Oops, I let an opinion slip out, sorry. I’ll save the rest for the polls. And don’t even try to guess who I’m voting for. I will tell you this, his last name either rhymes with “too much pain” or “pajama”.