Short People Got No Reason…

I decided to check out the new show You’ve Got the Look. Basically, it is another next-top-model-type show for 35 and olders. I thought it was for real women–meaning I thought there would be all types and sizes. I don’t know why I thought this. There was a lady who is 63 and looks great — incredibly photogenic and great personality–but the rest look like the typical model to me. Tall, thin, tall did I say tall? There is one girl who is 5’5 1/2″ and they almost didn’t let her through because she wasn’t tall enough. What is with the descrimination against the less than tall stature? We wear clothes also –don’t we? And honestly if only your face is on the cover of a magazine who is going to know how tall you are?

When I lived in Spain my height was never an issue. Actually Spaniards thought I was just right — even a little tall. At least the acting community accepts the shorter ones. Penelope Cruz, a Spaniard, is 5’4″ or so and no one thinks less of her. Of course then there is Paz Vega one of those tall Spaniards at 5’6 1/2″ although there is a debate on this. One website said she was 5’8″ and another website had two Spanish women arguing over her height. Apparently both had seen her in person in Sevilla.  Heather Locklear is 5’5″ and she wears a size -1 I believe. Sarah Jessica Parker is a whopping 5’4″ (which to me is the perfect height) of course she is never that tall because she is always in stilettos and is another one that is a size -1.

So overall, I was disappointed in the show. It was incredibly boring. Why I thought it would be remotely interesting I am not sure. I about choked on my chocolate ice cream when one of the judges called these models “mature models”. Mature? 35 is now mature? Isn’t 30 the new 20? So aren’t 35-year- olds only 25? And they were all very thin. Not anorexic thin but still very thin. I guess the thought will always be that clothes look better on a hanger than curves.