Extreme Home Makeover is in Da City!

The television show Extreme Home Makeover has been here for the last 6 days. My husband volunteered to help, but he was too late in volunteering. So tonight we decided to take a drive to the neighborhood to see if we could get a glimpse of anything. My husband wanted to see the building — I wanted to see the “stars” of the show. This is what we got to see:
extreme-hm-mkovrAren’t  you impressed? Well we had fun anyway and when it comes on television we can say we were there! I kept telling them to “move those trucks” but they didn’t listen.

I haven’t seen the show in quite a long time. I honestly got tired of all the energy good ‘ole Ty had. Anyone with that much energy is scary. But it is still cool they were here helping this family. And I wouldn’t have minded getting a glimpse of him.

Justice Finally Served


There they were lying on the floor.  I closed my eyes to calm myself. I had seen worse and yet this scene repulsed me with the violence. How did it happen? Who would come into this house to mutilate innocent barbie-ish dolls? I peered out the window and looked over the neighborhood. It could be the neighbor down the street — after all, they had a Grinch in their front yard. Or maybe it was one of the neighbors who drove a motorcycle?

What started as a calm peaceful day was turning sour fast. I took one more look around the house and noticed something I had missed before. There was a slight grin on his face. Oh he tried to hide it — he tried to act like everything was normal, but I sensed something was different. I searched his bed and there it was–my evidence. I found a green shoe. That would be all I needed to prosecute him. The DNA evidence would be conclusive. I wouldn’t even need to put him on the stand.


But I knew there was more to this case. Someone had made this too easy–there was an accomplice. I scanned the living room again and noticed plastic dolls and horses right in front of the culprit’s hideout. He was set up. How could he possibly resist such a temptation? I set out to find the person responsible for the dolls and horses. I encountered a  fellow of short stature carrying a worn bear blanket. I interrogated him about his where abouts. He claimed to have been taking a nap. The bed was still warm.  While I interrogated the fellow a slender female passed by me carrying a plastic horse. There was something suspicious about her and yet I couldn’t place it. Was it her slender build? Her blond hair?  I followed her as she returned to the scene of the crime and all the missing pieces came into place. She was picking up little Barbie-ish dolls and placing them on horses. Could it be a coincidence or did she know something? I casually asked her if she knew the victims. She broke down. She admitted everything. It was finally solved–she had been the accomplice. 

I quickly made the arrests and wrote my report; I sighed. I had done good. We wouldn’t see this case appearing in one of the many unsolved mystery dramas on tv–no, it was over. It was done. Justice was served.