I visited my home town again recently. It was a sad occasion, a funeral. I came back with a different mind set of my home town this time. I have always mocked my home town, but I realize now that it wasn’t too bad of a town to grow up in. What is sad though, is that the downtown I knew is gone. And, tell me, why is it when you go back everything seems so small like you are a giant now. Why do we seem to remember everything through the eyes of a 9-year-old (if you have read my blog frequently then you know I have said this before I still don’t get it.) I will write more about the town in future posts, but for now, main street is the topic–not cruising it though — still another story.

The street that really seemed small was main street. I remember when I was little that my mom would not allow me to cross that street by myself. It was the big street where everyone drove fast (30 miles an hour). I didn’t need to cross the street most of the time anyway. If I needed some gum or pop rocks I would go to the corner store (it had another name, but it was on the corner so that is what we named it), if I needed a Betty and Veronica comic book then I went to Henry’s bookstore (oh man, I just found out they started publishing those again. I must find a comic store) and, if I needed a maple bar or an eclair then the bakery was on the right side of the street so I didn’t need to worry.
I said all of that to say that I really didn’t cross the street too often…until I got to the age where I needed 78 vinyl records and the record store was across main street. Once again the store did have a name (Radio Shack?) but we called it the record store because it had records.

One day my brothers wanted to go to the record store to buy — yes, records. For some reason my brother wanted to cross the street alone first and look at something and he told me to stay on the other side of the street. I didn’t want to stay on the other side of the street all by myself — it was scary. I wanted to follow my brother. So I did follow my brother and didn’t bother to look for cars. I can still hear the brakes on that Datsun pickup (I’m guessing on the Datsun, but details make for a better story.) I don’t know who was more horrified, the driver of the pick-up truck or my brother. So, it is surprising why main street looks so small because it seemed HUGE back then.

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  1. Nedra
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 17:01:23

    and what is sad………the corner store is out of business, the bakery is gone and so is that record store..I don’t think Radio Shack was its name however…I forgot what it was called, because I too, just called it the record store.

  2. Becca
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 00:04:01

    This gives me flash backs of returning to my home town. It is crazy how perspective changes after so many years! It is like a whole other lifetime.

  3. Linda
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 08:22:19

    The record store was originally called ” City TV” owned by the Coons family.
    Not much traffic on good ol main street anymore since they put in the hwy 25 by pass! This does make it nice while going through town tho…no congestion and it is safer for the young ones that venture out and try to cross the street! LOL..cute story Becca!!

  4. rjlight
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 12:14:59

    Linda thank you for clearing that up. I don’t remember the name City TV at all though!

  5. Dawn
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 17:07:48

    SO Glad to see you have a new post!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Where ya been?

    I grew up military, so I haven’t been able to go back to too many places we used to live, but I’ve been to a few… mainly where we lived from when I was born to age 8. I know what you mean. My old school, my old house, the block we lived on that I thought was a mile long (it isn’t of course, maybe a dozen houses in a row.) Everything seems so much bigger when you’re 8, and smaller when you’re 38. When the memories meet current day reality is when it is interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. rjlight
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 18:53:50

    Sorry it has been so long. Just life gets in the way sometimes. Thanks for visiting. Yes, going “home” brings up so many emotions and memories.

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