A February to Forget…

February was not my month. It just seemed that things kept going wrong. There wasn’t anything incredibly horrible that happened for which I am thankful, however, it just was yucky. I got robbed by an ebay fake-ugg seller and then paid full price for the real things. I like my REAL Uggs, don’t get me wrong, but, I still almost paid the same price about TWICE to finally get the real thing. I was sick in February. The kids were sick in February. My husband was sick in February. February was just a pile of things that just didn’t work out right.

I was hoping March would be better. So far it is only a bit better. Today, was a turning point, though. Even though our bank account looks pathetic and everywhere around me someone is moaning about the economy, I refuse to let March turn into a month of self-pity. Even though McDonald’s didn’t have my shamrock shake, I will overcome! My business will only get better and I will fight to make March better. Don’t tell me that March is half over because I am now seeing March as half full!