I know, I know

So it is the joke that I don’t really write in my blog, I just change my theme on my blog. I know I am changing it for yet the 500+ time. I can’t seem to find the right feel. How can a theme really express who I am? I work  hard at writing scintillating commentary on my life, and yet the themes don’t seem to support such brilliance. I am also too cheap to spend money to get a nice theme–and wordpress freebies are good but a bit limited. Okay, I just like to change things around. It is fun to see how the feel of the blog changes so dramatically through design and color. So you will just never know what my blog might bring you each day.

I am still bruised from my surgery. I look like someone gave me a right hook or would it be a right undercut? My boxing terminology is weak I admit. Anyway, I look like someone punched me. Although it isn’t as noticeable now so no one is leering at my husband anymore.

We are hoping to make some progress on our backyard. I briefly had another blog where I was going to show the progress. I actually had the blog for 2 years and posted probably 30 times. That was the blog I paid for. What was I thinking? Anyway, it is canceled and we are still working on our backyard. We have made some progress, we have a vegetable garden now and the trees have gotten bigger. We have gotten 4 heads of lettuce out of it so far and much more is growing. If I could find a great recipe for weeds we would be getting all our produce from the garden!

The weather is supposed to be cooler — yay, spring is back again. I also will be at a wine shop selling my jewelry this weekend. So busy weekend. I think my brain needs some physical labor to get my mind working again. Although I didn’t take tons of pain-killers I feel as though my brain is mush…