So we loaded up the truck and moved to…

Fresno. Yes, we are moving to Fresno, California. We are already in California so it isn’t that big of a move. Bay area, Fresno — they are very similar. Do you want to know what the biggest difference is? Real Estate is almost one-third the price in Fresno that it is in the bay area! So, even though I must say too-da-loo to my ocean, I have to admit that farm land looks mighty good right about now. Actually, Fresno is the 5th largest city in California. Yep, it isn’t all cows and horses anymore. (Thank goodness for my daughter there still are some horses though).

Now, I realize some of my reader’s live a long way from California and know nothing about Fresno. I really don’t know much more except what I wrote in paragraph one. I am getting excited about being able to write more. With the cost of living lower than it is here I plan on focusing on making some extra money at home. My part-time job with numbers turned out to be closer to full-time (actually they are even hiring a full-time person to fill my shoes–what shoes you ask?–the cute brown sandals). I am tired. I can’t keep all the balls in the air. So, I hope to get some more writing jobs. The writing job for the movie website ended. I was a bit discouraged about that and then I got a rejection letter in the mail for a children’s article! So, I am looking for a bit of steady income/projects, etc. so that I can keep my blogs up– yes, plural–I have another blog. I have started a green blog — so you can see my serious green side (my left side I think). It is in it’s baby stages but you can find my second blog — Organic Green Eggs– right here and here (they are the same place, but I thought it sounded cool to say here and here). Since the cost of living is cheaper in Fresno, I wonder how much Ben & Jerry’s organic vegetable ice cream is in Fresno…

My Parenting License Needs to be Revoked

Do you know what it feels like when the phone is ringing, the kids are screaming, the dog is barking, and the UPS man needs you to sign for a package? That is how my week has felt. My youngest, normally very compliant son is teething again, only those buzzards don’t seem to ever appear. It has been very painful — for me. Sunday he was on my lap complaining about his trouble when all of a sudden he takes a chunk out of my arm! Okay, no flesh was hanging but I have a bruise the size of a quarter above my elbow on my right, well-chiseled bicep (completely true except for the well-chiseled part). More

More on Community–is the blogosphere a real community?

They were sitting down on a bench talking. I had just taken my son to his tennis lesson, and my other two kids were playing in the playground. My Mandarin is weak–if that is what they were speaking–it could have been Cantonese but I was fairly certain they were originally from a part of China. They were probably in their 60’s and were so excited to see each other. I got the impression that they regulary met in the park. While I was watching my kids, another lady joined the other three. It seemed like she wished them a Happy Chinese New Year–obviously I am assuming a bit, but it was right after the New Year’s celebrations, and they were definitely repeating a phrase. I found myself wanting More

Why Community is Important

When I die I want someone to find my body quickly. I don’t want people to find me in front of a TV somewhat well preserved. Please check on me–please make sure I haven’t fallen into a very deep sleep watching repeats of  Laverne and Shirley.

Vincenzo Ricardo wasn’t so fortunate. I just read about a 70-year-old man who died watching TV and no one knew for a year until police happened upon him. The police had been called to investigate More

Hey, Check Out Green Options!

Green Options is a new online blog you need to check out. It is filled with interesting articles and information. Besides the fact that I’d like you to become greener, I must admit I have an alterior motive for wanting you to check it out; I have a humor article on their website and it is waiting for some votes! It would be great if you would check out all of the humor articles and submit a vote for each one –there are only 8 short articles. Okay,  I want you to give me the highest vote –but, I want it to be an honest reflection of what you think so I can learn from this experience!

So, even if you aren’t the greenest kid on the block, check it out. Be careful though, you might learn something–and you might laugh! By the way, taking care of the environment should be a joint effort among all of us — no matter our political leanings, financial status, favorite ice cream flavor or shoe size.