no idea – the number of books I’ve read, 364 – the average number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop, 28 – the age my kids think I am, 32 – the number of ice cream flavors I love, 14 – the number of jobs I’ve had (hey, that includes High School!), 7 – siblings that refer to me as the “baby” of the family, 6 – years I lived in Spain,  5 – the number of sandals I own, 4 – the age I became an aunt, 3 – the number of kids I’ve birthed, 2 – the number of languages I speak, 1 – the number of husbands I’ve married, and 0 – the number of movies I’ve produced

Most of my readers have enjoyed my very detailed about page, however, for you who want to know more about me, I will elaborate.

California-my birthplace and home, independent rep & freelance writer -my part-time jobs, mother – my full-time job (neither jobs pay well), taurus – my sign, wrong way – my other sign, 8 – the age I first started writing (in my Hello Kitty diary), most colors – my favorite color, balsamic vinegar and Rice chex – cravings I had while pregnant with child #1, “Oh What A Night” -the song I danced to in the talent show in elementary school (it was an oldie then too — I’m not that old)

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