My First Ebay Experience

After hearing about wonderful Ebay experiences, I decided that I would look for a pair of Ugg boots on Ebay. I figured I could get some “gently” used and save a buck or two. Everyone around here wears Uggs and says they are so comfortable so I figured I would give them a try, but I was determined to find a more unique pair than the ones everyone seemed to have. I wanted a pair that had a thicker sole than the classic flat sole Ugg.

The whole idea of bidding on something scares me a bit. I think it is because of my 7th grade addiction to arcade games and my tendency to get stuck in the excitement and spend too much (I could drop a $5 bill in no time). So I did a bit of research and had in my mind the price I would pay for gently used Uggs. If by chance I would find some new old season Uggs I had my top price for that as well.

Anyway, I found a couple of gently used pairs and set my top price and had to let those go. Then I had another bid on a new pair and worked on those for a couple of days. I finally one those and paid a bit more than I wanted to, but still knew I got a good price for some new (older season) Uggs.

I paid for my Uggs and then was horrified to discover that somehow an old address was showing on my paypal account. I quickly did what I could to change it and checked my ebay account. My ebay account was correct. I sent off a couple of emails, message to the seller on ebay and added a note to my account telling the seller to check her emails for the correct shipping address. The boots didn’t ship for 4 more days which gave the seller plently of time to review all my messages. Unfortunately, she never did look at my messages and shipped them to my old address.

I called ebay and paypal and did everything I could to understand why the wrong address was on my paypal account and followed all directions to make sure it wasn’t showing. Paypal assured me that the correct address was now on the site and ebay said it was always correct. So now I had the USPS to try to help me out. Thankfully, after several phone calls and emails I was able to locate my package and on February 11th I received my “Ugg” boots.

The first tip-off was the smell. They smelled like plastic and rubber. The box was an Ugg box, the Ugg sole was on the bottom, everything appeared Ugg-like, but something wasn’t quite right. I assured myself that I was mistaken and trusted that the seller wouldn’t try to deceive me. Afterall, the box was real, the logos seemed real. Maybe I was mistaken? I got tired of the feedback email sitting on my inbox and gave her a decent feedback except in the communication category. I know now that I should have never given feedback yet with that nagging feeling I had. I am too naive and nice sometimes.

I tried on the boots and they were very soft inside. They were soft like a synethic “sheep” rug. The stitching just didn’t look like quality work. I knew then what I was trying to deny. The “Uggs” were counterfeit. I had been duped. I researched a bit more online and found out that the style of the “Uggs” that I had weren’t made in the color I received. I messaged with an online Uggs representative and she confirmed that I had fake Uggs because yes, that style was only made in the color Chestnut and mine were Sand. I immediately researched ebay’s “counterfeit” information and filed a dispute. The seller is on vacation now (I helped pay for that!) and won’t be back for a few more days. I want my money back and I don’t have any desire to bid on ebay anytime soon. We will see how this gets resolved.

The good part about the story, is that my husband bought me a new pair of beautiful Uggs — the real thing, and they didn’t smell like plastic! They did cost a bit more, but I think it is worth it. Look up now at the picture and tell me if you think the seller was trying to pass off fakes for real Uggs. Which is the real box?