Were They Here?

I’ve seen quite a few strange search engine terms used to find my blog. I’m sure many have gone away a bit disappointed that I couldn’t help with their “phobias” – or maybe I did help them.  I hope no one was angry with me when I didn’t have any pictures of “hot babes.”  I know many parents have come to see if they should let their 7-year-old daughters wear thongs (no!).  There have been those who were looking for the “Oprah Winfrey chain letter” — sorry, I don’t have the chain letter; but she did braid my hair once –in a dream.

Today, though, I just had to share my favorite. Yes, someone came to my blog with the search engine term: alien kidnap diaper. I don’t think I’ve seen any aliens; however, I did have to buy more diapers for my son the other day. Do you think? Could it be? Maybe aliens did kidnap my sons diapers. Sure, it explains it all, the lights flashing in our windows in the middle of the night, that eerie high-pitched noise, the need for more diapers.

You know, I bet the aliens eat too, or why would they need the diapers? I do have to re-fill the refrigerator quite often, so maybe they take food? They must eat ice cream because I can never keep that in the freezer. Yes, this explains my son’s missing football, and my daughter’s missing purse.

I won’t tell my kids though, I don’t want them to be scared; plus it’s important for their growth to keep blaming them for missing items. I think if I leave some diapers and Ben & Jerry’s by the front door and stay up all night maybe I’ll catch them.  I tried to search “how to catch an alien” but only found out “how to talk to an alien” – and that was filled with information about high frequency stuff and numbers — I’ll leave that for my husband. He can try to talk to them, and I’ll just make sure they stop eating my ice cream.

UPDATE: I realized how narrow-minded I was to think that the aliens would be kidnapping the diapers. Why I didn’t think that the search was about an alien who was wearing a diaper while he was kidnapped I don’t know, or that maybe an alien wearing a diaper kidnapped another alien or a kid. Can you kidnap an alien or is it aliennap? I just wanted to consider all sides to this story.